aka mafiapoketalemettatonexneogamer

  • I live in mtt and friends house
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is preformer
  • I am agender
  • Obsd

    obsd: time to hack lets see what

    ink: oh no you dont *attacks*

    obsd: ahhhhhhhhh who are you 

    ink: i am ink sans 

    obsd: what you do to my hack scroll

    ink: i burnt it

    obsd: why

    ink: to protect the au

    obsd: well i will use my glitch powers 

    ink; how did you get those

    obsd: a secret alince with your best friend error

    ink: how dare you *attacks*

    obsd: wait you banned me from chat earlier

    ink: yeah so

    obsd: i promised i would kill the admin who banned me *killes ink with the power of determanation and glithch*

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  • Obsd

    im sry about what i did i dont know what i did plz reconsider me in the chat

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