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    So Sorry AU Themes

    December 22, 2016 by Nin10doGMod

    * Oh, I'm so sorry!

    * How clumsy of me...

    * I've bumped into you I'm such a klutz.

    * I was just here to find something to draw, and...

    * Oh no, it's ok! It's OK!

    * I'll give you a gift to make up for your troubles.

    * Let me look in my vest!










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  • Nin10doGMod

    Isn't that cool? What do you see on this flash video?

    And what do you think of this video?

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  • Nin10doGMod

    My name is Varik, I'm a bounty hunter
    I'm just a normal guy, though, so no need to get asunder

    I was sent on a mission to kill a monster that killed someone's baby girl the young girl's parents and she reported it
    I thought that was it, but the plot was only beginning to unfurl

    Down in the sewers, I fought my way through hippies and vermin
    But on the hell end of the sewers, much nastier things were lurkin'

    Exiting the sewers, I found myself in a desolate haunted wasteland
    There were flesh-eating undead monsters and zombie Starmen with many a hand

    There were also some weak, exhausted and desperate human survivors who really didn't want to fight me
    But they had edible "last rations" which can be looted off a dead body

    I reached an old laboratory, and to…

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