Nightslayer the Albino NightWing

aka Nightsky

  • I live in The Maw (Little Nightmares much lol)
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is a Team Magma Grunt, a future artist, eating a pile of jelly beans
  • Nightslayer the Albino NightWing

    This is a little late, but, whatever.

    •  I'm a goat fan, that's how Goattale came in.
    •  I LOVE drawing Sans, which I'm really good at drawing him.
    •  I love dragons
    •  I read Wings of Fire, Warriors, Percy Jackson, and other books I might be interested in.
    •  My sister got me into Undertale and I was hooked.
    •  My favorite Undertale character is Undyne (for some reason)
    •  My favorite AU is Oceantale; it used to be Outertale, bu the music was so beautiful I just had to put it in as my favorite.
    •  My least favorite AU is Undertail (DX)

    That's about it.

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