Ok, hello everyone! Though I very much doupt anyone will even read this, I am going to tell anyone who feel like reading this about a story me and a few friends are currently writing and hopefully will get published! DITLOR stands for 'Days in the Lives of Randomness', in which the charcters go through very strange shenanigans throughout the days. The time their does not seem to be very consistant, as we go from Christmas to Valentines day, etc, but it is a very fun story that took a long time to write!

The main characters are: Midnight (ME! :)), Blizzard, Grim (who is literally Death himself), Sans (YASS), Destruction, Mettaton, Slender Doge, and many more! Yes, you may recognize some of those names, but before we publish this, we are getting approval from Toby Foxx so we do not get a copyright claim and go to court. But, anyway, I hope you are interested, as it is and was a very fun story to make and we all worked incredibly hard on it!