So.. um.. howdy. I'm Clover. Clover Dreemurr. No, I am not Toriel's and Asgore's son, I'm actually their grandson. And I also used to be a flower, until Midnight gave me half of their SOUL. It's not Determination, but it'll do. 

I'm 15 years old.. um. *checks script* My absolute best friend is Anemone, and my second best is Midnight. I mean, I am close to Oliver and Siren, but.. eh.

How about we get on with how I joined? Yes? Good.

So, about two years ago, before Midnight made this account, I was sitting, alone in the patch of flowers. I was.. um... you know what? I'll just skip to the part when Midnight comes.

Anyway, Midnight had fallen into the Underground from.. uh.. a place she called 'DITLOR'. She seemed confused, so I told her about where she was, like my dad taught me. Then I showed her her SOUL. It's a Perseverence, if you're wondering. I noticed that she had an unusually large amount of HP (40/40) and I was curious to see if one of the pellets my dad gave me would even be able to kill someone with that amount of HP, so I hit her SOUL with one of them. The blow was almost instant. Her HP went down halfway and she was bleeding, though I didn't even touch her. Golly, I was clueless then. I had no idea that hitting a SOUL would damage the person as well as the SOUL. 

She began to yell at me. I don't remember the exact words, but something like, "That hurt!" and "What the actual heck man?" But then she cooled down. I truthfully, she was yelling at me for so long that I'm surprised that my mom, Frisk (then she was about 22), didn't hear or see her. While she cooled down, I stared at her. I felt something I had never felt then. Sorrow. I had no SOUL then, so I could really only fake my emotions to my friends, but eventually I started acting like my dad used to and my friends.. forgot me.

  • sigh* Then Midnight continued on her way (after my mom finally found out about her) and continued on. In the end, I tried apoligizing, but then.. well... that's another story. 

Skipping everything else, we became friends, I joined her here in the Multiverse, and rejoined my friends. She gave me half of her SOUL, and I've stayed here since then. Wel.. um.. bye.

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