(The song featured is Full Disclosure from Steven Universe)

Broken!Mags sighed as he sat in his empty living room, a few days after Talya had been captured by Saver!Sans and he had saved her.

Everybody told me, love is dangerous..

Guess I didn't believe it.

He sighed and opened the heart locket, staring at the picture of himself and Talya. He smiled, then frowned again.

Until now, 

I wasn't apprehensive,

but now I think I'm freaking out, 

What do I do?

I don't want that for you...

At that moment, Talya's ringtone played in his phone and her picture appeared, signalling ththat she was calling. MMags stared at his phophone for a moment, but didn't pick it up. He sighed and laid on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Everybody told me,

life is precious,

on the planet Earth,

and that means you,

He glanced at his phophone, which had stopped ringing.

And I have to protect you, 

What if you somehow get hurt?

What do I do?

I don't want that for you..

His phone started to ring again, Talya's picture back on the screen. Mags stares at it.

What am I going to tell you?

You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in,

I don't want you to worry..

About what I've seen,

About where I've been.

The phone stops ringing once more.

You don't have to be a part of this..

I don't think I want you to be.

You don't need this..

You don't need me.

Her ringtone rings once again, this time it seemed even louder to Mags. He didn't want Talya to be worried about him. She had enough going on him her life.

Mags picked up his phone, staring at her picture, in which she was winking and doing a peace sign. He closed his eyes and hung up on her.

After this, he sighed as he stared at his phone for a while, Talya not even calling once.

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