Hello wiki people! I, Midnight from DITLOR, am open for requests if you are unable, don't have the right equipment, or just don't know how to make a sprite!

Here are my rules:

1. No limit for requests

2. Please don't set a deadline, I probably will not be able to meet it.

3. Please be kind if you don't like the sprite, I am still learning (though I'm pretty good, I think).

4. Please provide a description of your character, whether it is a link to their page, or a description in the request is your choice.

5. Feel free to express yourself!

You may begin requesting!

If you want some examples of my work, check my message wall, Frisk/Medievaltale page, Doggo/Fandomtale page, and a few others. Mainly Self-Insert AUs, but I will also do other types of AUs.

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