Hey there, people behind the screens. It's me, Midnight from DITLOR. No, I won't be saying that I want to commit suicide or something like that, so don't think I want to or that I ever will. No, all I wanted was to share some info on some things.

Sprite Requests

Alright, I can't take any more for now people. I have so friggin many that I can't work on since I don't have access to currently. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I am an actual person behind my screen and I can't work right now. For those ththat have already made requests, I will work on them once I have the access to a computer I can actually make sprites on.

Update on my last blog post

My family is doing alright. My parents are possibly going to try marriage counseling to help their relationship. They have apologized to me and my sister, and we have been having better days.


I have so many pages to make.. I want to make them, but I have no resources to. I will try to make pages for the Self-Insert AUs I'm part of (on a different wiki, of course), and I'll try to improve my Dusk/Crewtale page.

Overall drama of the Wiki

When I first joined the wiki, I expected it to just be page editing and such. I never expected this much drama.

Why are so many people on here depressed and contemplating suicide? We are pretty much all kids, or teens! We have so much to live for! These days may be tough, but they will get better. Even if you deny this and say that it will not in the comments of this blog post, I want you all to know that while you may seem alone in all of this, look at all of these people! They are here for you! Some may be jerks, or super unhelpful, but some of us will try to help you! You will always, no matter what, have at least one friend on the wiki.

Well, that's all I need to say for now. As the game we are all here for says, stay DETERMINED, always.

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