Midnight: Okay, um... Talya your turn.

Do I h-have to?

Midnight: Yes, even I'm doing it. So get on with this!

Okay, f-f-fine... 

H-hello everyone... I'm Ta-Talya.. I'm the adult out of e-everyone here,  since I'm th-thirty one years old. My favorite color is o-orange and um... I'm s-sorry if it's hard to understand what I'm s-saying, I have a sp-speach impediment that ca-causes me to stutter, and I h-haven't had any help with it y-y-yet. I've scheduled help for it, but that's not until n-next week.. so.. Um..


Midnight: Nope, they need more info about you.

Awe, b-but you know I am n-n-not good at this kind of thing!

Midnight: Just talk about your interests or something!

A-about my interests?.. F-fine..

Um... I like to read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, I l-like to watch the Star Wars movies.. Um.. I g-guess you could say I'm a nerd? Heh, g-go figure. I also watch a-anime, but that's for Anemone and her parents, because they are kind of like my b-blood family to me.. you see.. Um.. m-my parents are.. Um.. d-d-d-dead.. *sniffs* B-but, I'm holding together pretty w-well.

Unless you c-count when I was fourt-t-teen and I tried t-to shoot myself.. n-not one of my best ideas.. anyway, A-Alphys talked me out of it and.. I've been living w-with her ever since. She's like a sister to me, and M-Mettaton is like my big brother. I love them both with all my SOUL.

M-Midnight? Are you okay? Y-You're tearing up..

Midnight: N-no I'm good. 

Oh, o-okay then. Have I been talking l-long enough?

Midnight: Yeah, you can stop now if you want.

T-thank you. Bye everyone..

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