Hi guys! I'm Midnight, the actual owner of this account! I'm the so-called 'leader' of the Multiverse Crew, but truthfully I think Oliver is more of a leader than me. 

Okay, so I'm going to start from the beginning. And no, I do not mean my brith. That's weird. Okay, so I used to live in a dimension that I called 'Days in the Lives of Randomness', or DITLOR, where I lived in a large house that I shared with many, many, MANY other people. Some of them are Grim, Destruction, Gouda Shark, Slender Doge, Disaster, Klunk, Mettaton, Sans, Goth, and Carlos. And those are only a few of them. Anyway, I was having a bad day at home and needed a break. I went to my former home, the Multiverse (Error kicked me out of there a few years ago. By kicked me out I mean literally turned me into a soccer ball and kicked me out.) And took a wrong turn, which ended up with me getting stuck in an AU called NextGen, and ended up a human underground. Weird. I bet you don't believe me, but it's true. Anyway, I need up here on the wiki and now I'm living with a bunch of new friends. I don't know how to get back to my own universe, so I'm stuck here, though I don't mind. It's cool here.

Hm..... my favorite colors are bright yellow, bright green, a and black. They are all pretty good colors to me. 

I'm married to Darksoul, we had a wedding a while ago. Strange but true. Some of my friends consist of, but are not limited to, Samuel, One, Red, X, I think, Clover, Oliver, Siren, Anemone, Darksoul, and a few others.

Um... yeah, I think that's enough information, right? Um.. ask us anything in the Ask the Multiverse Crew forum if you have any questions, since that's all of us for now. Bye everyone! :)

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