oh, hello there. midnight told me to tell you about myself. well then, i'm oliver, but you can call me oli if you want. that's what siren calls me. i like the subject science, i dislike the subject of reading (don't tell anyone, but i think i might be dislexic), and i'm 17 years old. i'm the oldest out of all of my friends. everyone else is about 15 or, in midnight's case, 12. 

well, my dad is sans the skeleton and my mom is ex-queen toriel. you've probably heard of them. most have.

um.. i have a half-brother named clover. at least that's what i call him. technically he's my nephew, but it's a lot less weird to just call him my half-brother. siren is my cousin on my dad's side. he told me not to tell you not much about him cause he wants to. 

heh. heh. heh. 

why am i laughing? well, it's just funny. people think that their lives matter. even if we are all just insignificant beings on a small speck in the wide mass of space. we're all going to die soon anyway. 

heh. sorry. don't know where that came from. anyway, i like to annoy siren with what he calls my 'horrible puns'. wanna hear one? okay then. one moment... midnight!

Me: What?

can i have a pb n j please?

Me: Uh.. sure. *hands him one*


it was berry nice to eat you, wiki people. bye.

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