Hiya people! I'm Anemone, daughter of the sea! Nah, just kidd'n. Bout the sea part, not my name being Anemone. Nice to meet you all! :)

So, Midnight told me to say things bout' myself. Well, I'm fifteen, half fish half dinosaur, which I think is technically still a dinosaur, and am OBSESSED WITH ANIME! My personal favorite is Mew Mew Kissy 2, but don't tell my mom. She absolutely HATES that anime. Speaking of my mom, she's the royal scientist! Cool, huh? My other mom is the captain of the royal guard! I don't know which one's better. What do you think? 

I love my whole family, mom, who you probably know as Alphys, my other mom, Undyne, and, of course, Talya! Actually, Talya isn't blood-related to me, but she's my godmother and one of my best friends, next to Clover of course! Ha, one time, me and her snuck into Midnight's room and put a body pillow of Darksoul in there. She had my parents GROUND us for three weeks! Then, she snuck into our rooms and drew on our faces! Don't worry, I got her back. That was, to say, the best prank war we've ever had. And the longest.

Do you guys like ice cream? I like Cookies and Creme! It's absolutely DELICIOUS! Some people say that it's weird that I like it so much, but I don't know why. At least I don't have a shrine to it or something (unlike Siren and Rocky Road..).

I think that was enough, do you think so? I guess I'll find out later! Bye people of the Multiverse! 

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