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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Heya peoples! Been a while, hasn't it? 

    Well, I got some really quick stuff to say!

    1. I won't be as active as before, don't get your hopes up.

    2. AfterGround is currently being rewritten entirely! Irl, I am collaborating with a friend to improve AfterGround, which I very much am happy about! More characters! Better plot! Anemone and Clover have actual personalities!

    I actually think that's it. Hm.. yeah I think so. If ya wat any more info about my characters (as they have been updated as well), then comment and I will try my best to answer them all!

    Have a great day!

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    As the title states, I have been much less active as of late. The reason why is simple: The wiki was taking over my life. 

    Let me explain, when I used to go on more, I was on for hours at a time. I started to spend less time with my friends and family, and I had less time to explore new things. 

    I realized this one day without warning, and I decided that from now on, I would limit my time on the wiki to sometimes at school when I am done with work and allowed to be on a computer. This causes me to be on less, which worries some people that I may be in trouble, which is not the case. 

    Honestly, it was a great desicion for my life off of the wiki, and I am happy I made it. I have more time with my family and friends in real life, and have even …

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Hello, and welcome to the tour of the Undertale AU Wiki! We hope you have a nice time, but be warned: We are not responsible for any lost pages or cringy ocs you may find! Please enjoy the tour!

    On your way through the wiki, you may come across some interesting users, such as: 

    The Feesh that is a gummy-making genius

    The floofy goat that has snek boyfriend

    Le Cinnabun that needs protection

    Friend that I haven't talked to in a bit for some reason

    No one respects that they came from Berger Keeng

    A Temmie that needs a pat

    Someone who claimed to be a goat at one point but idk

    The Moose that is completely anonymous

    Not actually really sure what he is but still is friend

    A grape that needs a hug

    This guy

    And many more!

    On your left, you'll see a collection of…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR


    He did his own list, you should go check his out!

    Anyway, here's the list!

    1. Afterground (yeah that one should be obvious)

    2. An AU I thought of but I don't have a name for it (comes after a Geno route)

    3. My own version of Underswap (mostly the same swaps, don't worry you people that love Blueberry. Though it is a bit different.)

    4. Racetale (yet again, self-explanatory)

    5. Underwater (I was bored.)

    6. DITLORTale

    7. Lots of Midnight's. (Litterally everyone is Midnight. Yet again, I was bored.)

    8. A variation of Afterground that my friend and I made, with both of our OCs. (A LOT different than the Afterground listed above.)

    9. MemezTale (Everyone, not just the main characters, represent memes. Sti…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    I got bored. And wanted to write. So yeah.




    Oliver: what's wrong?


    Oliver: we don't have an oven.

    Siren: Wait wut

    • Static*

    If 42 divided by 7 is 6, but three 6's is bad, but 6 divided by 3 is 2, does that mean that the true meaning of life is 2?

    • Static*


    • Static*

    I may not be a huge fan of holidays, but I do enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

    • Static*

    Midnight: Peach tea is good.

    Me: Yep.

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    • Static*

    games that are cools/I don't mind them: Cuphead, Undertale, Overwatch, Bendy and the Ink Machine, FNAF (Please don't judge. I like watching gameplays, nothing else of it), Minecraft, Yandere Simulator, uh... I think that's it. There's more but I'm to lazy to write t…

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