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aka Tomater for life ye

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  • I live in the Multiverse with the Multiverse Crew.
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is being a tomater.
  • I am both yet neither
  • Midnight from DITLOR

    I got bored. And wanted to write. So yeah.




    Oliver: what's wrong?


    Oliver: we don't have an oven.

    Siren: Wait wut

    • Static*

    If 42 divided by 7 is 6, but three 6's is bad, but 6 divided by 3 is 2, does that mean that the true meaning of life is 2?

    • Static*


    • Static*

    I may not be a huge fan of holidays, but I do enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

    • Static*

    Midnight: Peach tea is good.

    Me: Yep.

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    • Static*

    games that are cools/I don't mind them: Cuphead, Undertale, Overwatch, Bendy and the Ink Machine, FNAF (Please don't judge. I like watching gameplays, nothing else of it), Minecraft, Yandere Simulator, uh... I think that's it. There's more but I'm to lazy to write t…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Okay, here I will be explaining a few things, such as:

    1. More serious matters, such as how I don't get on the wiki as much anymore.

    2. Less serious matters, like AUs and things like that.


    3. ..Some random stuff, idk.

    First off, serious matters.

    I have a few reasons for not getting on the wiki as much as some users would like me to, and one of them is because school has been a lot more stressful lately and when I get home, I don't feel like putting up with any drama on the wiki. I still try to respond as much as often, though, so do not worry about that.

    Another reason is that I find myself slowly leaving the Undertale fandom as I become more of a fan of other games, musicals, etc. No, I have not left it completely, and I probably never will,…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Nope nah this probably isn't original. Just another one of them ask things. Cause why not. I actually decided to make this after seeing Dusty's and Casts's so... ye :v. Uhhhhh ya can ask meh OCs something or me something if ya see this or want to. Here's some of the OC's (some you may have never heard of):

    • Oliver
    • Siren
    • Anemone
    • Clover
    • Talya
    • Tess
    • Dylan
    • Catch
    • Bone
    • Doggo Jr.
    • Goliath Hendrickson (AKA, Radio Guy)
    • Mediocre Dog
    • Sandy
    • Bob the Dog
    • Jasperblook (not related to the Blooks. Part of a headcanon I have.) 
    • Unnamed human (Note: The Main Protagonist of Afterground)

    (Technically the next six are not really OCs, more like headcanons for the 7 SOULs for meh AU)

    • Brian (Bravery)
    • Peter (Perseverance)
    • Patience (Patience, I am so creative, aren't I?)
    • Isacc (Integrity. N…
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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Hoiiiii it's Midnight le tomater. Ima write a 10 Reasons Why I'm Weird list, and credit goes to SmolDream for the idea! So.. yeah! Here ya go: 

    1. At P.E. (Physical Education), if it is free time, sometimes I go up to random people and scream for no reason. 99.99% of the time, they find it amusing. I think. I hope.

    2. I am writing a blog post on how I'm weird.

    3. I hate wearing clothing that reveals any skin, and I'm not just talking about tank tops, I mean I once wore socks with sandals all summer because I didn't want people to see meh feet. And yesh, I am hooman at some points. Spoopy.

    4. I sleep with my stuffed animals at the foot of my bed and I feel bad whenever and if anyone ever drops them or I knock them off my bed when I'm asleep.

    5. …

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Hello again, wiki! I have decided that I wanted to do an updated version of my opinions on users list! So.. yeah.

    This is just my honest opinions, please do not get mad at anything I'm saying, because I don't actually really think negative about any user on the wiki, so most of what I say I hope is polite.

    (Note: these are the users that I have interacted with the most in the last few months, so if you are not on the list but were last time, that may be because you have been inactive.))

    1. Psuet: Feesh is good. She writes great stories, makes awesome music/poems, and is overall a good person!

    2. Vincent: He's a complicated person. He is, overall, a great friend and stands up for people, but sometimes he can be a little.. pushy.

    3. Dusty: I'm pr…

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