Talya carries Mags' body through ruins of his house while everone look on, she has tears in her eyes.

" use heh" he struggled through his words as blood dripped from his shirt and he felt Talya's tears drip on him.

" please not you Mags, i can't lose you please ... you, Siren , Samuel i can't" she choked through her sobs. Mags smiled up at her and laughed weakly and wiped her tears. "hey T s-sing for me". Talya looked confused "s-s-sing?". "Yeah good looking sing for me". Talya attempted to smile but it faltered "o-o-ok". She started singing.

If the world was to end today

I would spend the day with you

If you were to go away, I'd hope come back to me

But in the end

We'll still come back to each other

Wherever we are

I'll still love you

Mags cries and the gash on his side is started to run dry. "Talya please promise me". He kisses her. "Stay safe for me please?". Talya's tears continued to flow "y-y-yeah i will mags". Mags smiled one last time and he closed eyes, "good". He let out his last breath and died. Tayla looked at his body and she started crying. Saver!Sans sneered and looked at the soul of Mags and grabs it. "Finally, I have the powers of a god". He waited for powers to flow to him but he felt a similar aura coming from Tayla. Black flames surround Talya and Saver sees the spirt of Mags behind her.

Talya wakes up and sees Mags standing there and Saver slumped over, knocked out.

Mags runs over and hugs Talya and she hugs him, " im so sorry T" they both breakdown crying in each others arms. Talya looks at Mags and puches him in his shoulder "never do that AGAIN!". Mags looks upsetly "i promise". They hug each other as everyone surrounds them.

~End of Story~

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