For once, Maguto was at a lost of words, he grinned as the sunrise of the Surface showed and the felt the unease of the world and he looked at Sans and saw he noticed and then a reset happend. Maguto woke up and sighed, "Not this time bastard". Maguto jumped out of bed got on his clothes and dragged Sans awake  and got him dressed and head for the gate and he waited for the human.

A Few Hours Later

Frisk's feet crunched on the snow, they wiped the dust from their knife they spared Toriel but thought those Ruin monsters desevered it. "Why Frisk WHY!? THEY DID'NT DO ANYTHING ARGH!". Chara screamed at Frisk but they kept a blank stare and continued on.

"Mags but the kid didn't do anything". Sans looked anixous and he grinned nervously.

"They did i feel it here they come Sans". Maguto gritted his teeth when Sans teleported to the human and he intorduced himself. Not even a minute later Maguto sent a few bones into Frisk, killing her instantly. Maguto grabbed the soul and teleported to the Throne Room.

"Asgore i got the last soul". Maguto grinned sadly and he felt a fireball fly past him and glass shatter.

"YOU WHAT!?" Asgore was in rage he wanted to wait and seeing a nice skeleton like him kill a innocent child caused him to break the soul contains.

Frisk wanted to reset bit the option wasn't showing.

"Well im sorry". Maguto sighed and walked past the angry Asgore and asbored the souls.

The explosion sent Asgore back and knocked him out. Maguto inspected his form and the ruined barrier room and decided to teleport to the only person who'd understand him.

~His father~

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