Maguto breathed heavily while looking at the ruined Judgement Hall then retied the oragne hoodie, blue bandana and checked the bracelet he has on his right hand.

"Human please stop it's hurting me to hurt you, i don't want to but". His eye glows black and blue, "i might have to ... im sorry." He hears music start playing and smiles.

"The Megalotrousle i never thought I'd hear it play, myth says it play in times of discord and loss of harmony". He charges at Chara, who readies their knife then the scene warps and Broken!Mags stand there with a manical grin on his face.

"Stop it Frisk. im warning you im giving a last chance to reset".

Frisk near them, pleading him to kill them and he starts crying and laughing, his eye glows and he raises his hand and a bone goes through her and she chokes on her blood. "Im sorry Frisk". The scene warps to the orginal Maguto saddly crying with multiple cracks on his bodies and a slash through him.

"No matter what kid, there's multiple worlds being created over and over so i guess maybe heh it's over, hey Karma les go Sans and Paps are waiting for us".

He walks his broken body pas Chara and turns to dusty crumbles.

"There's endless worlds out there kid".


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