"Chara, Chara, Chara... WAKE UP!".

Chara shot up immediately and scared of their mind and looked at Frisk, who seemed relieved. Chara stood up and looked at Frisk with a dumbfound look.

"What happend Frisk i just remember blacking out what happend"

Frisk looked panicicky and then sighed.

"We're on Mars and landed outside the entrance to Luna Town, you fell into the hole where it leads to the Red Ground". Frisk said it with a worried look but then sees Chara walking ahead. "Hey wait up".

Chara enters a room where a flower pops up with a huge grin on his face, she looks weirdly and nervously.

The flower looked at Chara and then spoke., "Howdy im Flowey the Flower and it seems your new here". Flowey grinned and then summoned some pellets and hit Chara. "and now you die, im too bored to do the friendly shit

The pellets neared Chara and stabbed through her taking down her HP.

Frisk looked horrificly, "CHARA!"

The last pellet neared when...

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