Chara stopped screaming hours ago or minutes, she couldn't tell but from the ship taking flight. "It's ok It's ok all i need to is".  "IDENTITY PASSWORD!", the A.I started talking and it spooked Chara. "umm hello did you hear me please tell me the password here's a hint 'Elizabeth' ". Chara thought for a second, they maybe thought if it was her first name and shrugged without worry comfirming it to themselves. "Elizabeth Joel". the A.I hummed for a second and made a weird humming sound making Chara feel unevering. "SELF DESTRUCTION SQUENCE INTIATED". Chara heard a nuke countdown happen and started panicking. " oh shit umm sorry man im just joking heh that the right password we're heading to Mars, im shocked to see im working seeing that your father scraped this when your mother died Chara". Chara looked confused, "how did you know my nickname and how did you know my mother died". The A.I moved to a monitor on the ship, it showing them had only a mouth and eyes. Chara heard the machine's masculine voice and thought to themselves why are they male. "Yes to say my gender is male and nice breasts". Chara covered her chest in shocking embarrassment "p-p-PERVERT!". The A.I gave a poker face. "Im not really a A.I, i'm a ghost named Frisk". A ghost flew out the monitor and floated looking at Chara. he had same clothes as Chara but more red and black and had shorts instead of overralls they had bangs over one of their eyesand they had a more natural poker face as their face looked if they're eyes were closed. he waved and smiled "hey you're under arrest". Chara looked dumbfoundly at them "why?". "For being too god damn adorable" Frisk winked as he flirted. Chara's body felt heavy and they we're flustered and felt light headed then they saw the ground grow closer to them and they only registered that they're fainting before everything went black.

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