Chara was sitting in the dark room, huddled in a corner. "YOU LITTLE BITCH I'LL FIND YOU!" her father screamed echoing into the room. She covered her mouth as tears streamed down her face, she saw her bag and stuffed her favorite shirt and overalls, shoes and undergarments. Her dad gave up trying to find her in his drunken rage and he went to sleep. She planned on running away and grabbed two of her favorite books and a stuffed animal her mother gave her. She ran to kitchen and grabbed something anything she liked that they had. Her father started waking up and she rushed out the door to her secret place, a place with a abandoned spaceship from the era of space travel. The ship seemed still intacted and sometimes made a weird humming noise. They walked in and set down their bag and and sat in the chair and started crying, crying as loud and hard she can, she cried for her mother, a normal life and wanting to see her family again. She banged against dashboard and the ship and it turned on. "huh" she looked confused and the ship lifted and taking off into the air and took off into space. Her screaming the entire way.

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