In Swapfell, Mick and Midnight sit on the couch in the Living Room

Mick groans, "Mid I'm bored like super bored what should we do ARGH!". He falls off the couch and hears Midnight laugh. "Oh shut up idiot". He pouts and then flips himself over.

Midnight scoffs, "you fell of course i would laugh to make it up you want coffee or something". She looked at him with look of sarcasm and held her hand out, He took and they teleported to Starbucks caue why not, Midnight got a normal decaf coffee while Mick got vanilla frappuccino. Mick grinned.

"Good idea Mid", he drank his frappe and smiled, a genuie smile but then his expression darkend. Midnight looked at him with concern and then nudged his shoulder.

"Mick are you ok". She looked at what Mick was looking at and rushed out the door

Error Sans was outside destorying the world and cause havoc to the code of the area, He sees Mick and Midnight standing there and laughs.

"TWO GLICTHES AGAINST ME! IMPOSSIBLE HA!" Error's strings tied Mick up but they cut instantly and Mick's bandaged hand is a dragon talon. Mick changes his hand back when he notices a pink spear about to hit him, he back up and it hits the wall.

"Kumu it seems we have people who want to disrupt our plans". The voice came from a little girl with bright pink hair holding a spear talking to a little pink blob.

Mick eyes flared in horror but then he smiled and tugged on fingerless glove and he put his hood on. He reached his hand out and a chain and sickle and Midnight pulled out her scythe and she charged at Betty while Mick charged at Error. Error grabbed the chain Mick threw and pulled him and summoned a gatser blaster but Mick clicked a button on sickle and chain went away. The chain hit Error and he started glitching out and sent string at Mick,but Mick summons a new chain and cut the strings. Error opened a portal and left Swapfell leaving Betty to deal with Midnight.

Midnight clashed with Betty by blow and blow but Mick sees a pink spear about the be launched at Midnight and it's thrown at her. Mick runs and he slides in front of Midnight. "Huh? Mick what's wrong", she sees the spear. "MICK! WATCH OUT!"


~End of Part 1~

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