In BrokenTale, Mags sits beside a tree looking onto the rising sun, he starts to doze off and falls asleep

A few hours later, a portal opens and One drops in looking at Mags who was still sleeping "Hello Maggot" he snored louder as she dusted herself off, One started to hear rustling and looked over at Mags in his sleep, One cocked her head when she saw Mags talking in his sleep

"nooo calibri get off her" Mags was softly speaking and One was writing away, One looked at Mags again and continued writing, he seems to be refering to a female acquaintance or the mother of that goat. At that moment, Mags woke up and shocked to see One in front of him, "O-one um hey hows going what are you doin here" he was blushing and embarrassed. One closed her notebook, "To study this universe, now Maggot I'll follow you to study more inhabitants." Then, Mags sighs "Maybe let people study you cause like really that's boring to study people." One cocks her head "What? that sounds illogical but may you explain what "boring" is", Mags sighs "Look lets head to Grilliby's and talk that over food". One nods "That sounds adequate"

They walk to Grilliby's even though One says that illogical on the way

Mags sits down at the bar and One does the same. Mags looks at Grilliby, "hey boss, can i get 2 small fries"

5 minutes later

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