Where we left off

5 minutes later

Broken looks at One who's eating pizza, "You, enjoy pizza huh". He stares at her and she takes sips of the drink and finishes the slice. One looks at him. "Yes, I'm fond of it and to say your universe is called BrokenTale right" Mags looks at One with concern in his eyes. "Yep, it's called that due to the main characters having either having a mental illness or saddened personality." Mags goes back to finishing the vanilla milkshake he ordered, he puts it down and looks at One. "Hey, you want anything else or do you want to head to my place talk and study stuff I have". One looked at Mags and walked outside. Mags looked confused, he paid Grilliby and walked outside to see One waiting looking at her notebook. "Maggot, you said we should go to your home I will follow you". Mags sighed "Ok, grab my hand". One grabbed Mag's hand and he teleported them to his front steps. They both walked in and saw Racker in the kitchen. "Oh, hey old man I was grabbing a snack and Reno is traveling, again also Retro is visiting again". One just sets herself on the couch and Mags lays on the couch with his head near One's thigh. One look at him, "Why do you act so foolish Maggot." Mags shrugged "Eh, I don't know but I feel a dark presence coming for us and the creators and Samuel have something to do with it, Things may happen to us but I just don't know." One looked blankly at him "My creator can be a fool but we have something similar Maggot we're both able to see conversations between our creators I would count you as a 'friend'." Mags laughs "Heh, kinda of One kind of". They both sit there and One gets up, opens a portal and walks through but not before saying "Goodbye Maggot". Mags blushes "S-see ya One be careful". One cocked her head "I will ask you later what careful is". One goes through the portal and it closes. Mags sighs and pulls out his soul "I hope this "season 2" fixes my dusting soul, thank you shifter gene". Mags sat back and closed his eyes and at that moment he saw a sterned faced Samuel facing towards him, Mags didn't know what but he woke up and pulled out a notebook."a retcon, huh dad maybe i should i save this".

~End of Story~

LOG 20

❄♒♏ ⬥□❒●♎ ♓⬧ ♍□❍♓■♑ ⧫□ ⬧□❍♏⧫♒♓■♑ ❍⍓ ⬧□■ ♓♐ ⍓□◆ ⬧♏♏ ⧫♒♓⬧ p●♏♋⬧♏ p❒♏p♋❒♏ ♐□❒ ⧫♒♓⬧ ♍♒♋■♑♏ ♋■♎ ■♏⬥ ♌◆⧫⧫□■ □⧫♒♏❒ ✂❒♏⬧♏⧫✂ ✂⬧♋❖♏✂ ✂●□♋♎✂ □❒ ✂□❖♏❒⬥❒♓⧫♏✂📪 ⧫♒♏ ♌◆⧫⧫□■ □♐ ❒♏⧫♍□■ ⬥♓●● ♏♓⧫♒♏❒ ❍♋&♏ p♏□p●♏ ♎♏♋♎ ♋●♓❖♏ □❒ ⧫♒♓■♑⬧ ♓❍p□⬧⬧♓♌●♏ ❍⍓ ♎♏♋❒ ♌□⍓ ❍♋&♏ ♓⧫ □◆⧫

📫 👍♋●♓♌❒♓

I hope this gets to you Maguto

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