It's a normal day in BrokenTale, Birds are singing, Retro and Racker are chasing each other on a field and Bloodshed!Maguto is standing with Broken!TaleMaguto about to do some training

Bloodshed; Ok Broken today we are gonna summon your Shifter weapon

Broken!; What's that?

Bloodshed; Since you like everybody else including Retro and Racker have the Shifter gene meaning you can shift between human or monster since Calibri was the first hybrid since his parents were human and skeleton and he had a mix between the souls somehow

Broken!; oh cool how do i get my Shifter weapon!?

Bloodshed; well for me it came around my time i was in UnderWar and only fifteen so yeah it a broadsword

Bloodshed raises his hand and a broadsword appears, the handle was a weird metal, the blade has black and red with techno look

Bloodshed; cool right


Bloodshed smiles "Look Kid" Bloodshed tosses the sword at the moon and the moon breaks in half and turns into ash

Broken!; HOLY SHIT!

Bloodshed snaps his fingers and it restores 

Bloodshed; i know right well first

Broken ignores Bloodshed and starts trying to summon, there are a few sputters and poofs but nothing appears

Broken!; damn it

Bloodshed; hey be patient think of your darkest fears and materialize them as a weapon

Broken; ok

Broken does it again and a ghost of a weapon appears but then there's an expolsion

Bloodshed; BROKEN!

Retro and Racker look on at the horror at what happend

~ End of Part 1 ~

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