Back in field, Broken!Maguto lays on the grass with his left skull having been shattered from his mouth to above his eye, Bloodshed, Retro and Racker run to him, a broadsword next to him

Bloodshed picks up Broken and teleports to a hospital


Broken wakes up "argh my head, the hell happend Retro, Racker"

"Uncle you're awake" Retro looked over at him with a look shear glee. "Jeez old man you had me scared heh" Racker was standing grin depressingly

"Well Broken, you succeed, you spawned your shifter weapon" Bloodshed was leaning against the door "I apologize for causing you this much pain"

Broken looked optimisticly "Well  i think this can heal in a few months, heh umm you're leaving now right"

Bloodshed nodded "yeah im going see ya Broken" Bloodshed walks out the room and leaves through a portal

The doctor walks in and hands Broken a clipboard on the issues he has

"You have extreme damage to your skull, the section broken of will take at most 10 months to regen but with a pill taken every week, the regen process can be shortend to a month". The doctor takes a minute to catch his breath and continues. "But has dire effects like panic attacks, and may make you highly at risk to a soul attack and have more PTSD flashbacks. As it says you have PTSD and depression"

Broken thinks "umm ok i'll take the pill how long"

"Well about 2-3 weeks, the effects are after effects ok" the doctor look at the bottle in his hand and tosses it to Broken "You're discharged as your skull is healing normal, the pill act like slight painkillers and help your pain in the broken part of your skull"

Retro and Racker wait and Broken rolls out on a wheel chair

Broken chuckles, "Let's go"

They all leave the hospital with everyone outside and surround him with hugs 

~ Story End ~

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