aka punland master lad

  • I live in umm somwhere
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is music or something
  • I am starfish attack helicopter
  • MickRunner

    Elizabeth slid her tail down Murder back and tickled him with cause she was bored

    Elizabth; Murder i'm bored ummm tell me a story please?

    Murder!Mick; ... uh sure Liz

    Murder sat Elizabeth on his lap and she rested her head on his chest and he smiled and sighed

    When I was in college, I usually was stalked by this frat and stuff. At least one member was in all my classes, Even if I majored in Quantum Physics, But, the day I turned 21 I wish I was sick or had something important. My roomate made a cake for me that i saw and thought i would eat it later. My friends and people who i didn't even think liked me said "happy birthday". Even teacher i that may not liked said "happy birthday". But it was 7:00pm and I was nearly at my dorm when I was jump…

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  • MickRunner

    For once, Maguto was at a lost of words, he grinned as the sunrise of the Surface showed and the felt the unease of the world and he looked at Sans and saw he noticed and then a reset happend. Maguto woke up and sighed, "Not this time bastard". Maguto jumped out of bed got on his clothes and dragged Sans awake  and got him dressed and head for the gate and he waited for the human.

    A Few Hours Later

    Frisk's feet crunched on the snow, they wiped the dust from their knife they spared Toriel but thought those Ruin monsters desevered it. "Why Frisk WHY!? THEY DID'NT DO ANYTHING ARGH!". Chara screamed at Frisk but they kept a blank stare and continued on.

    "Mags but the kid didn't do anything". Sans looked anixous and he grinned nervously.

    "They did …

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  • MickRunner

    Mick groans, "Mid I'm bored like super bored what should we do ARGH!". He falls off the couch and hears Midnight laugh. "Oh shut up idiot". He pouts and then flips himself over.

    Midnight scoffs, "you fell of course i would laugh to make it up you want coffee or something". She looked at him with look of sarcasm and held her hand out, He took and they teleported to Starbucks caue why not, Midnight got a normal decaf coffee while Mick got vanilla frappuccino. Mick grinned.

    "Good idea Mid", he drank his frappe and smiled, a genuie smile but then his expression darkend. Midnight looked at him with concern and then nudged his shoulder.

    "Mick are you ok". She looked at what Mick was looking at and rushed out the door

    Error Sans was outside destoryin…

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  • MickRunner

    Maguto breathed heavily while looking at the ruined Judgement Hall then retied the oragne hoodie, blue bandana and checked the bracelet he has on his right hand.

    "Human please stop it's hurting me to hurt you, i don't want to but". His eye glows black and blue, "i might have to ... im sorry." He hears music start playing and smiles.

    "The Megalotrousle i never thought I'd hear it play, myth says it play in times of discord and loss of harmony". He charges at Chara, who readies their knife then the scene warps and Broken!Mags stand there with a manical grin on his face.

    "Stop it Frisk. im warning you im giving a last chance to reset".

    Frisk near them, pleading him to kill them and he starts crying and laughing, his eye glows and he raises his ha…

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  • MickRunner

    "Chara, Chara, Chara... WAKE UP!".

    Chara shot up immediately and scared of their mind and looked at Frisk, who seemed relieved. Chara stood up and looked at Frisk with a dumbfound look.

    "What happend Frisk i just remember blacking out what happend"

    Frisk looked panicicky and then sighed.

    "We're on Mars and landed outside the entrance to Luna Town, you fell into the hole where it leads to the Red Ground". Frisk said it with a worried look but then sees Chara walking ahead. "Hey wait up".

    Chara enters a room where a flower pops up with a huge grin on his face, she looks weirdly and nervously.

    The flower looked at Chara and then spoke., "Howdy im Flowey the Flower and it seems your new here". Flowey grinned and then summoned some pellets and hit Ch…

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