aka Class A Drunk Talker

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  • I live in Guess that for yourself
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Music, Drawing, Student
  • I am Male Attack Helicopter
  • MickRunner

    Hi there the class A drunk talker, MICK RUNNER and today I have more user opinions.

    Stuff is me personal opinons and all the truth

    She is pretty cool, and great to talk to sometimes, Hope they do good as the S.S.C.U director

    He's coolz and all, but jokes too much but im fine with him

    Castellar is pretty cool, me and him working on HowdyTale together and he's pretty cool as the sweet cinnamon bun and all. His characters and their alternates are pretty great

    Mid is an amazing person with an upbeat personality, they know how to bring the life in the chat. She has pretty cool characters to roleplay with

    She seems nice, We don't talk a lot but she seems nice

    I'm fine with him. I sometimes judge somethings he does but he's alright

    AYE! It's the goat boi…

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  • MickRunner


    September 29, 2017 by MickRunner
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  • MickRunner


    September 10, 2017 by MickRunner
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  • MickRunner

    Alpha Paul - is a tyrant for some reason idk he takes 10% from his admins

    Nick Running - an idiot who somehow got admin but can speak in a British accent and has aweshum aus and know stuff

    Machs041 - he still works with Alpha tho his b crat was Alpha's paranoia or just being worried of being demoted

    AskCastStar - guy who writes stories and jack and also has kewl ocs

    VincentEndythsysttriggereddifferently- he owns edge demons and crap and has 666 tale and au were people act like edge demon Specteron

    RayTatgirl- she has aus and stuff hsnow cool coding stuff may be nicesht member evar ><

    DERPYISH! -she is strong and aweshum and dating nachos a.k.a Machs

    THE RADICAL SHADIKAL! - he made sinner character and albino sans but cool admin who no has chillz …

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  • MickRunner

    Adios viejos amigos

    August 31, 2017 by MickRunner

    The scene lit up with four figures, either finding each other weird or afraid of each other

    Maguto darted looks at Spectron, Chibi, and Keeper Sans. He felt a storm coming so he pointed to the white void. The other 3 people shrugged and followed him and each other, bickering, caring, meet new people and joking around.

    But soon Keeper was being called elsewhere he left his hoodie with Maguto, who looked sad at his departure continued walking with Chibi and Spectron

    A tyrant led them in an opposite direction and decided to follow, Chibi was then jailed for "infringement" and Maguto was sad and Spectron was heartbroken, but before she left Chibi destroyed Spectron's heart. They both continued along with Maguto wearing Keeper's hoodie and Chibi's…

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