aka Adrian

  • I live in Venezuela boi
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Mapping/Mappeo
  • I am Male/Hombre
  • GreaterVenezuela

    With the defeat of Undyne and Joyak, the two members (Joyak hurted) try to find humans but all the humans of the city they dissapeared, but an curious subject.. no an Sans but... called AfterSans, the unknown sans tells to Undyne 'This is a work of Error Sans...' Undyne, confused he tells 'what is Error Sans?', he rensponse 'the worst thing of the Multiverse, wait, where is the Sans of this Universe?'...Undyne don't know where is Sans because he is in an island called Hawaii... After Sans start the search of Error Sans and the classical sans of the Universe... The War is becoming worst because the army of an corrupted soul, is marching to an city called Pensacola...

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  • GreaterVenezuela

    In 202X, a human insterested to go to the Underground, feels a strange power from him, stranged extend your hand and appears a yellow hearth, and he talk with a monster but the monster, after see the hearth, dies, the blank hearth of the monster is absorbed by the human soul. After few minutes, the soul becomes dark brown, and the human after goes to the surface, attack all the humans and monsters... the soul of the human was an ancient and powerfull... was.... Desesperation....

    After various days from the first attack of the human, a monster called Asgore, send a group of monsters (of the Royal Guard) to search, one of that monsters, Undyne. In a town called Georgetown, the monsters find the human, but with a massive force of 10.000 monsteā€¦

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