I'm making an AU known as Friendstale for now...I'm not sure if it'll be permanent. Its pretty much Undertale, but the people who play the roles and some of my close friends from the Wiki and from Xbox with a slight twist. Here's the Cast!:


Max= Sans

Jamie/Kk= Papyrus


KoZ/Liam=WD Gaster

Lucario= Lucario the Skeleton(OC Trio)


Wiki C= Chara...

Ryder= Frisk

Josh= Asriel

Frosty/Lizzie= IceTale Sans(OC)

Derpy= Blue[Swap!Sans](OC Trio)

Broken= Broken..?(OC)

Saku= Saku...?(OC Trio)

Luxray = Luxray? (OC)

Eddie= Napstabot/MTT 

Cinder= Asgore



Trash= Onionsan


TNF=Burgerpants(Regular NPC unless asked for later)

???= Muffet(Regular NPC unless asked for later)

???= River Person(Regular NPC unless asked for later)

That's most of the cast, I'm still looking for an Alphys. Notify me if you or anyone you know wants the Alphys role. Also notify me if you want an OC role, as in a character that doesn't take any of the main roles in the story(for example, Blue will play as a Sans from a different world that has major or minor role in the universe.). Thank you!

Update: We're almost ready my friends! We just need an Alphys and we'll be good to go! Also, OC positions are still open until I start writing, so if anyone wants an OC role lemme know! Also, added five minor roles that I'll allow as people. The ones not taken after an Alphys is chosen will be themselves(how they are in UT,same with regular NPCs.)

Last Update till writing: WE ARE READY FOR WRITING! :D

P.S: The story is going to be on my newly gifted Wattpad account: AstronomyWriting

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