Hey, so I've decided to have a new design for Broken!Science  ! An alternate set of clothing for him, to be exact! Yet my artistic talent is quite, *ahem* Crap, so I decided to let the community decide how his alternate set of clothing will look. Only a few tiny standards have to work, however: 

The set of clothing must still allow him to use all of his capabilities.

The set of clothing must tie to his state in the Multiverse, or include a design based on the events that led to that point.

Any context I would probably have preferred:

Really any set of clothing that would fit well with the character. Since he is "Broken", clothing signifying or showing details of his past events should work well. Or something that matches his roles in the Multiverse, as he plays both Protector and Judge. 

Example: Clothing like Cross!Sans' is connected to where he comes from and his story. 

The winner will have that set of clothing as Broken's alternate and will probably have a part in a story i plan to write with Broken in the future! :P (Also this is completely optional, and I have the feeling no one will honestly give a damn :'))

Note: The way the drawing is created doesn't matter to me. It can be a sprite, something drawn from like Underverse, or just the set of clothing without Broken actually being in it. Anyways, as long as the design for the clothing is there, it counts!

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