Welp. Here we go again. 

Dont think most of you know or by the time some of you see it the majority will, but either way, it's here .

I'ma just get straight to the point.

​Lack of Maturity, discipline, and responsibility. ​Well y'see, in fact I have such traits. There ARE times of where there's no need for maturity, since in the end we're all human. Sometimes we just need to drop the serious mood and..well...relax. However, THIS wasnt one of those situations. In this situation, all that Megan literally did was say her opinion of the open subject, and T responded with a "mind your own damn buisiness derpy!". Which, after the two fired shots for a few moments, I got involved. As for discipline, it's simple. There is a fine and quite obvious line between the disciplined and the undisciplined. If I WASN'T disciplined, I would've continued with my statement during the arguement between Derpy and T. However, as Derpy and T asked me to back off, I did. I'll admit though, I wasn't being responsible by letting it continue. That was a fault on my bad, I'll admit. However, one mistake does NOT erase my responsibility. 

Don't need information in my personal life, do ya? 

Also I'd like to point out the unnecessary swearing from T wasn't required, nor was calling Derpy out for saying her opinion on an open subject.

​Poking flaws in the harrassed. ​*ahem* If I was poking flaws in the weak, would you think I still have my job? If I was poking flaws in the weak, I would've argued between both key people, since I KNOW both have been in situations of harrassment. However, I also know when someone is in the wrong, despite their past. When T called out Derpy for speaking her opinion on a subject ANYONE could've joined in on, then that was a mistake on her part. So I had the original idea to defend Derpy. However, both asked for me to stay backed off, so I did. Wasn't a wise choice.

​"Too nice" and not being able to handle a situation. ​We've discussed me being too nice before. In fact, the main reason I'm merciful and nice is because, well, do you want me to not be nice? I don't know which you'd prefer, but as well last I checked, if that is the case, then those who break the rules should expect a ban or block. As I discussed before, if it's too hard to stop fighting after it continues to happen multiple times, then it's a simple solution so it doesnt happen again. No mercy. As well has, if no one listens to the fact of silencing of kicking is a sign that the situation should end now, it's pretty easy to tell that we dont have any other tool in our arsenal that can end the arguement. 

As for "not being able to handle a situation", BOTH of the people in the arguement requested me to back off. So I didn't get involved. Every other situation the situation was either handled by myself or another admin/bureau/CM. And even this one Alpha handled it. However the demotion poll once more? Wasn't necessary. 

​Isn't ready for Admin rights. ​If I wasn't ready for admin rights, then why when I was going to be promoted, I got a LARGE amount of support along with Luna's approval for it?

Clearly I'm doing something right if I still have them, dont you think? And in the last demotion poll, it seemed the majority agreed as well.

​Complaints. ​Well...okay..? How about I HEAR said complaints so I can consider taking action on what others seem to feel as if I'm doing poor on, thanks?

​Not caring for other user's opinions/feelings. ​Well, I'm human. Of course I care for the feelings of others along and their opinions. However, when their opinion is of me, I'll admit, I dont care unless it's positive or constructive criticism. Listening to negativity is pointless to my eyes. Otherwise, I'm happy to hear opinions and feelings. ^^

Same goes for threats. I don't care if the feelings or opinions someone has for me if it's a threat. Don't mind nor care if it's all. Only positivity or constructive criticism(And I'd like to point out, that means any kind of constructive criticism). Though I'm human, I've learned to cancel such out.

And finally,

​Not minding suicide unless it affects the wiki. ​*ahem* I'll tell you right now that THAT isn't the case. Not now. Not ever. In fact, I've handled multiple cases of suicide (Derpy, Luca[tried], friend IRL[...not gonna talk about it], Kk, Cinder [Somewhat due to being late for the situation..though mainly everyone else did so, which I applaud.]) and all of them I did for the sake of their own lives and my care for them. Not once did I do any of the sort for the sake of the wiki, and nor have I encountered a situation. As for WIkiT's case....I did care, as mentioned before. And I felt guilty. But not as much due to her "last words" to certain users (Derpy, myself, Alpha) and the way she generally treated other users. As well did she come back. 

If I did not care for suicide, which the majority of people I met from the wiki, of users, I would've not helped such. Y'can even ask 'em yourself if you want, but...not Luca or my real friend. That's not a....good story. 

But hey. Least tried, right?

Welp! That covers it all. Hope this will give out my side of the story. ^^

Got any questions? Ask below.

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12 Oppose - 1 Support (for the sake of including myself and WikiT)

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