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  • Max041

    Welp. Here we go again. 

    Dont think most of you know or by the time some of you see it the majority will, but either way, it's here .

    I'ma just get straight to the point.

    ​Lack of Maturity, discipline, and responsibility. ​Well y'see, in fact I have such traits. There ARE times of where there's no need for maturity, since in the end we're all human. Sometimes we just need to drop the serious mood and..well...relax. However, THIS wasnt one of those situations. In this situation, all that Megan literally did was say her opinion of the open subject, and T responded with a "mind your own damn buisiness derpy!". Which, after the two fired shots for a few moments, I got involved. As for discipline, it's simple. There is a fine and quite obvious lin…

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  • Max041

    Sharing ANOTHER Thing

    July 12, 2017 by Max041

    Bit of a....impactful video that I've seen.

    Thanks to the creator of the video for...doin' something good.

    And thanks Raytaygirl for showin' it t'me.

    Again, credit to the creator and credit to Raytaygirl for showin' it. Prolly wouldn't have found it otherwise.

    ​Give the two credit, not me, mate.

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  • Max041

    I dunno, I just kinda enjoy sharing something now :P Despite if it's serious or not.

    This one though is more inspiriational and relatable for me, so..yep.

    Here we go mates.

    ​                             Note: If you're not Christian, or are and don't like Christian music, or both, or any other case, I suggest not watchin' the clip. Your choice though, seems to help me anyways, and I feel as if even if y'aren't Christian, some of the words do help ^^

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  • Max041

    Honestly, this is just somethin' I can't stop getting back to. This song...ironically is EXTREMELY accurate to how suicide affects everyone when they're gone, and how it effects the suicidal one as well, and those close to them.

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  • Max041

    Hiya. Well, erm, I don't really know why I made this. Just felt as if it was worth sharing since...well how everything can be. If y'dont want to watch the full video just skip to around 27 minutes. By then the message of that should be a bit more clear.

    Also the video handles a serious subject, so....

    Anyways, here's the video; but I recommend watching the entire thing to understand it fully.

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