aka Astronomaniac041

  • I live in EAAArrth .3.
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is Living, breathing, studying Quantum Mechanics and working/creating on AUs
  • I am Tired. XD
  • Max041


    Special Severe Conflict Unit

             (​These rules and general setup is subject to change, so please think of this as the general center draft.)


    This unit is a newly formed and special branch made to handle severe conflicts that others usually cannot, dealing with heavy topics; the main goal being to create a more working group to handle situations such as that revolve in this wikia. Max041 is the director of the branch and founder of the branch.  


    1) ONLY handle serious conflicts. Things such as ongoing harassment, suicide, and etc similar.

    2) Know what you're getting yourself into. This branch isn't for the easy-to-quit or poor-hearted. And speaking of that, heavily emotional. It's OKAY to be emotion…

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  • Max041

    S.S.C.U Application Board

    September 29, 2017 by Max041

    Simple enough instructions.

    Please look back at the main post, and once ready, please provide information on deeds which have matched such expectations mentioned, things the director (meh) should know about, and/or notes on any other point you wish to make!

    Now please, if you're here to create an application, please label it something such as:

    (User name) -- (Date of Application creation)

    (Date of joining the Wikia)

    (Reason to Join S.S.C.U)

    1. (Examples/reasons of why you meet or are similar to the expectations)

    2. (Same as 1)

    3. (And on)

    4. (And on)

    (Etc amount of numbers you wish to put)

    (Space for any other notes/details you wish to remark/claim)

    (Signature? Sure.[Example: -Max])

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  • Max041


    September 25, 2017 by Max041

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  • Max041

    Welp. Here we go again. 

    Dont think most of you know or by the time some of you see it the majority will, but either way, it's here .

    I'ma just get straight to the point.

    ​Lack of Maturity, discipline, and responsibility. ​Well y'see, in fact I have such traits. There ARE times of where there's no need for maturity, since in the end we're all human. Sometimes we just need to drop the serious mood and..well...relax. However, THIS wasnt one of those situations. In this situation, all that Megan literally did was say her opinion of the open subject, and T responded with a "mind your own damn buisiness derpy!". Which, after the two fired shots for a few moments, I got involved. As for discipline, it's simple. There is a fine and quite obvious lin…

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  • Max041

    Sharing ANOTHER Thing

    July 12, 2017 by Max041

    Bit of a....impactful video that I've seen.

    Thanks to the creator of the video for...doin' something good.

    And thanks Raytaygirl for showin' it t'me.

    Again, credit to the creator and credit to Raytaygirl for showin' it. Prolly wouldn't have found it otherwise.

    ​Give the two credit, not me, mate.

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