30 mintues later

Film: yargghh *screams*

the door bang opens and someone comes in

Bone: > Looks at the door, confused. <

???: * has vomit all over his mouth * God, those bitches are gonna pay me hard

???: Where the f--- am I anyway?

Bone: > Gets closer to ???, and slaps him.

??? : * looks at Bone and smiles * Heya, Miss beauty! Ya wanna go somewhere?

Ethan: who are you?

Showcard: I'm Showcard! Showcard Gothic! Former casino owner and gambler

Showcard: But... y'know... I'm here now... after a while of drinking I was kicked out me 'ome...

Showcard: * picks up the phone and responds * Hello, beautiful! Another 'uman fell! God, gimme a cigarette soon...

Bone: ff... > Bone gets a phone from him. <

Showcard: * looks at Bone * Listen, sexy, gimme that back, now! I was in a frickin' phone call!

Bone: * we will be on a date if you give the phone to me.

Bone: * oh.

TorieL: uhh my child who are you talking too?

Bone: * um, i-its no one..

Bone: * anyways, can i visit you to see him?

Bone: > Pokes showcard and makes a sign of "I will be back, just stay here so there will be no trouble." <

Ethan: you like Hentai?

> Bone jumped to the doorknot, and open it, then runs off. <

Showcard: * looks at Bone run off and smokes * I'm stayin' cause I love 'er... and for a smoke break, I'm pissed...

Showcard: Hentai?

Showcard: Um...

Showcard: * he begins blushing * Let's just say it involved cartoons and reality, Hentai came into reality, we had some... fun...

Ethan: ok wanna watch the rest of the movie with me

Showcard: * looks at Ethan and smiles * Sure sh-t!

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