alarms flaring people shouting and screaming "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" then pure silentness. nearly everyone was dead by one survied that human was called Ethan he kept him self up by holding onto a pillar trying to remeber what just happened

Ethan:О, Иисус Христос, что только что произошло (translated:oh jesus mercy christ what just happened)

Ethan sees some light and follows it then he faints and is awoken in a bed and a girl is showing upon him

???: > Gets a sign that says "Oh.. your finally awake... welcome to the underground."

Ethan: Под чем? (the under what?)

Bone: > Gets a sign that says "Hello there, human, my name is bone. ( Weird name i know. ) <

Bone: > Turned the sign: "Welcome to the underground."

Ethan:Теперь я вижу, что (i see now thanks uhh bone) Также как вы понимаете русский (also how do you understand russian)

Bone: > Writes something on a sign, and turned it. " I don't understand russian, sorry, but do you understand filipino? " <

Ethan: Хм я мог бы быть какой-то магией, но это не может быть волшебством, это не реально (hmm it could be some magic but it can't be magic is not real)

Bone: > Writes something on a sign, and turned it. " Yes it is, in the underground, everything is real. " <

Ethan does his best English "i see now thanks bone (gets up from bed) you got any films?"

Bone: > Writes something on a sign and turned it. " Yeah, do you like horror movies?

Ethan: yes i do like myself some classics, wait got INSANE ZOMBIE PIRATES FROM HELL 2

Bone: > Writes something on a sign and turned it. " Oh, i heard of the first one, but never watched the second one.

Ethan: alright lets watch the first

Bone: > Giggled. Writes something on a sign and turned it: "Alright." <

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