Bone grabs a sign saying <hey Showcard>

Showcard: * looks at Bone * Whad ya want, sexy?

bone flips the sign <wanna do a video with me> bone grabs a camera out of her pocket

Showcard: * smokes * Sure, I 'ave nothin' else to do

Bone and showcard walk into the kitchen bone places the camera on the counter

Showcard: * checks his pocket-watch * Um... so yeah, what we gon' do?

Bone writes on the sign <COOKING>

Showcard: * smokes and looks annoyed * YOU SENT ME 'ERE FOR F---ING COOKIN'!?

Bone flips the sign <if we record it and put it on the undernet we could get money>

Showcard: * sighs very loudly * Whatever, so, what we makin'?

Bone shout: CAKE

Bone and showcard hear internal screaming

Showcard: Well, okie-dokie, we're doin' chocola' or vanil- the frick is that?

Ethans bone hand rolls near the door

Ethan:MY ARM


Showcard: * looks shocked * Um... Ethan, what ya doin? And.. why ya 'ere?

Ethan starts sobbing: its gone

Ethan: uuh i live here

Showcard: Oh! I 'member... * he sighs * Welp, what 'appened?


Acid sans 2 wraps his tentacles onto Ethan right arm

*the arm the

Acid sans 2 wraps his tentacles onto Ethan right arm

*the arm arm the ingrates into flares leaving a exposed arm then Ethan punches Acid sans 2 into flares

Showcard: Huh!

Showcard: Now, me old mind 'members some'in

9:34 AskCastellar Showcard: But, in all seriousness * he puts on his top-hat once adjusting his red-blazer-like dressing-gown *, it's 4:40 AM

Showcard: * cracks seven eggs madly * F---ING EGGS!

Bone flips sign < alright we can cook cake later i will get that scientist he gave me his number>

Showcard: lemme guess, it's on the back of ya sign?

Bone flips the sign <no see>

Showcard: * sighs * Damnit

bone calls the scientist


Showcard: * goes back to smoking and sitting on the sofa *

bone: remember me if you don't can you go to AU 4-555 someone lost their arm

Royaltytale!Sans: I do remember you i will bring a robot arm with your gift

bone hangs up

Showcard: So... 'ow'd it go?

Bone nods head and writes on sign <he will bring it in the gift>

Showcard: Pawesome</p>

11 hours pass</p>

Bone writes on a sign <wanna bake the cake now>

Showcard: * looks at Bone and smirks * Sure thing, beauty!

Bone and Showcard walk into the the kitchen

Bone turns on the camera

Showcard: * gets a chicken gun and launches several eggs in the mixing bowl * GET IN THERE, F---ING F---ERS!

bone puts some wheat in

Bone: now MALK

Showcard: * gets a chicken gun and launches several eggs in the mixing bowl * GET IN THERE, F---ING F---ERS! Showcard: * gets a large cow and fires milk from the mouth and udder * Showcard: HAHAHAHAHA! COME ON, F---! GET IN THERE!

Showcard and bone wait for the cake to bake and turn on the TV

Showcard: Heya, Ethan!

Ethan: hey my arm still hurts

they turn on the TV

MTT: welcome to monster got talent

MTT: here is our judges



MTT: anddddd! jerry

Showcard: the.. F---! CALISTO SHOULD'VE BEEN 'ERE!

smoke alarm goes off

Jerry|: the wifi sucks here

Showcard: Hey! Bone! You told me the smoke alarms where all off 'ere, so I was aloud to smoke!

Ethan: its not your cigarette Ethan: ITS A FIRE! Showcard: * jokingly puts on a teacher's outfit * EVERYONE LEAVE THE CLASS IN A CALM AND NORMAL MANNER

Showcard: I'm joking, run the f--- outta here.

Ethan: hold on Ethan walks to the fire Ethan: Bad fire Bad!

Showcard: * keeps his hat steady by putting his hand on it and... is apparently interrupted * Oi! Ethan, what ya doin!?

Showcard: * looks at Ethan and back at the house * How that house is not burnt down after that accident? It f---ing beats me.

Ethan: this is a steady hou oh no

the house collapses

Showcard: Well

Showcard: Sh-t


doctor!WHY: my wand is magical i will fix your house

Showcard: Where we goin' now, Eth- oh... are you the rip-off of Doctor Who?

doctor WHY fixes the house and leaves

Showcard: The... Wh-... Why?

Ethan: hey at least our house is fixed

bone writes on sign < lets upload our video showcard>

Showcard: * coughs * Well, okay then, it's an idea, watching our house get exploded once cooking, we'll be f---ing RICH!

bone grabs the camera and goes to computer

bone flips sign < this is undertube were people watch videos>

Showcard: * adjusts his fedora * Well, I ain't becomin' MORE famous on that thin'!

bone uploads the video


Showcard: * reads other videos * Hold on! Multiverse destroyed by Killer Sans, MUST WATCH!? * sighs * Who uploads that crap?

Ethan: clickbait sans

Showcard: * looks at Ethan * We'll 'ave to meet up with the chump some day Bone: lets sleep and wait for the views to sky rocket up

over night: *views 22,465,772

Showcard: * wakes up and makes himself a cup of beer * Oh god, f---ing beer in the morning is always good

someone knocks at the front door

Showcard: I'll get that!

Kirsten: hello showcard

Showcard: * looks at Kristen * 'Old up, you Gus or a different Kristen?

Kristen: Gus *mumbles

Showcard: * smiles * Gus! Good pal! * gives him a hug * Great to see ya! * unhugs and sips his cup of beer * Anyway, why ya 'ear?

Kristen: well i want to know how you done your special effects for your video

Showcard: Special affects? Everythin' there was REAL!

Kristen: how is your house still standing up?

Showcard: * hesitates * Um... long story, ya see, A guy called Dr. Why came and used his magic wand to fix the house a put it back together

Kristen: you know that person is a naked homeless guy who escaped mentaltale

Showcard: * has a confused look on his face * Um... * coughs, his voice is still croaky * see ya, Kristen... * shuts the door * BONE! * he runs over to Bone and shakes her * WAKE UP!


Kristen: were the f-ck is my glasses

Showcard: * throws a pair of glasses at Kristen * There there.

Showcard: NOW, BONE! * shakes her super hard * WAKE UP!


Showcard: * sighs * Whatever....

Showcard: So... * looks at Kristen * Gus, he escaped Mentaltale... is a naked homeless guy... and Doctor Why 'fixed' our house...

Showcard: * scratches his head * God, I've drank too much...

Kristen: uuuh i said doctor why was a wizard witch drinks lots and does do questionable things

Showcard: * shakes his head * Oh!

Kristen shows him the video they posted "you got 22 million views on your video"

Showcard: WOAH!

Kristen: and i was really here to give you the money

Showcard: * throws a bottle of Tequila at Kristen * CHEERS! 'OW MUCH?

Showcard: Ah! Five pounds!

Showcard: I'll be getting wasted today!

Showcard: * salutes Kristen and closes the door *

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