Showcard, Bone and Ethan walk to Grillbys

Showcard: Ethan did someone copyright your look

Ethan nods his head

Showcard: Heh

Ethan: Showcard how did you get those tasty cupcakes and not BURN down the house

Showcard: well i called Createsans over and we baked them


Showcard finds them and clicks add to cart really fast

Back to reality

Bone: > Flipped the sign "Alright.."

the gift flies away

Showcard: well sh-t, f-ck *whispers i wasted $6.00 for it to fly away

Bone: > Flips the sign "Oh wow..." <

Showcard: i should off put more balloons on it

Bone: > Flips the sign ", what now?"

Ethan: we can go to her birthday or we could just lay down in the snow thinking what if we could fly like those cupcakes

Bone: > Flips the sign. "Let's lay down in the snow thinking if we could fly like those cupcakes!" <

???: wanna ride on boat

Ethan:? who are you

Bone: 030... > Goes behind Ethan <

Max041: i am Max041 I take people to different AUs

Bone: > Flips the sign "Aren't we getting co...n..nevermind." <

Ethan: lets go on we never bee to a different AU before

Bone: > Fips the sign "Okay!"

everyone gets on the boat

Max041: tralala so what AU you heading to

Bone: > Flips the sign "Uhh... Is there an au so we can fly?" <

Max041:Tralala take us to the AU of air

Max041: heres your stop

Bone: > Flips the sign " Okay, thanks!" She goes off the boat."

and the others hop off aswell


Bone: > Flips the sign " I heard some noises-" <

??? Appears infront of them

Birdy:Howdy i am birdy birdy the bird

Bone: .. > Hides behind Ethan <

Birdy: follow emetravelers I will teach you how to fly

Birdy: so in your mind say I BELIEVE I CAN FLY

Bone: > Gets a sign that says "Are you kidding me... we are gonna sing a s... nevermind." <

Birdy: uuuh no IDIOT just those words and you will grow wings

Bone: > Gets a sign that says. " Agh, fine. " <

Ethan says in mind "i believe i can fly I believe i can touch the sky!"

Ethan grows huge red wings

Bone: ... > "Ibelieveicanfly." <

Bone grows Feathery Blue wings

Bone: wow...thosewingsarehug


Showcard grows skeleton wings

Bone: now i can do everything i want to do besides walking.

> Flies in the air- <

Birdy: alright follow me and FLY INTO THIS VOLCANO

Bone: How's so special about that volcano?

Birdy: if you dip into it you will have wings in other AUs since you can't fly in your normal AU

Bone: ...Volcanoes are made of magma, and it's dangerous to jump into it.

Birdy: its a magic volcano DUMMY

Bone: *Sigh* > Turned to ethan and gets a sign that says "Do you trust that guy?"

Ethan: hes seems to like flowey so he wants us to die

Bone: > Turned to Showcard. " Showcard? Do you trust that guy-"

Bone: ...

Showcard: sorry i am feeling f-cking dazed I'm going home

Bone: ..okay.

Showcard: white cloak guy bring me back to my AU

Max041: tralala what number is it?

Showcard: i don't f-cking know AU 5-444?

Bone: wait, showcard that's a wRONG NUmBER-

> They already got away. < Bone: ...dangit.

5 hours later

Showcard: Um... right, where the f--- did I go, ey?

Ethan: I don't know friend probably some AU similar to us

Showcard: Damn... well, what's 'appenin' next? We find our way back to our origina' AU, ey?

Bone flips her sign <were still gonna learn how to fly or our producers will pay us less>

Showcard: OH SH-T! Well, we can't 'ave that, ey?

bone writes on sign <so do you trust Birdy?>

Showcard: Well, 'e started 'is dialogue with: 'owdy! I'ma Birdy! Birdy the Bird! 'At's the same dialogue as Flowey, so, no, I ain't trustin' 'im...

Birdy: f-ck you Idiots *sh-ts on showcards hat and flies off

Showcard: * has the most bored look on his face * God, I just got the f---in' thin' cleaned... * he stands straight * Well, we gonna stand 'ere like a herd of Ellie Gouldin's or get on with our 'ventu'?

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