MTT: sit down darling

Kaijū: O-okay..?*sits down*

MTT: so your a recurring character (mind: really they should have done the main why do i do this to myself)

Kaijū: I don't know, Trash never told me.

MTT: looking at your profile you are, so how do feel about being in this AU?

Kaijū: I don't really know how I feel yet, it may not be very good later on.

MTT: ok ok so how did you  meet Ethan

Kaijū: How did I meet him? Hmm.. It wasn't very long ago, maybe a week or so.. But I was in like an anime store, or something, and I saw him looking at Hentai...

MTT: Ethan always tries to hide that he likes Hentai

MTT:has he told you watch Episode your gonna be in?

Kaijū: When it comes out, he said. Do you know it will come out?

MTT: this is the part were you go wild

Kaijū: What?

MTT: probably the third or second episode, but all the interviews have gone mad

MTT: so go wild and do what you want to do

Kaijū: Okay..

Kaijū:*is looking at pictures of Underfell Papyrus, looks at MTT and blushes*

MTT: well thats all we got today BYE!! *leaves the studio

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