1 day later

MTT: Interviewer come out and interview Ethan again we got Bone and Showcard out of this studio so lets role

Interviewer:how do you feel about being a character in an AU?

Ethan shrugs

Interviwer:ok but don't be like bone if you i swear to god i will kill MTT

MTT: no no stop it just stop ok ok alright now lets continue or i will show your real idenity

Interviwer: uhh fine! well Ethan have you heard or Tord


Interviwer: i see i see what happened to your latest Hentai art


Interveiwer: can i have a Hentai comic?

Ethan gives the interveiwer a glare

Ethan: your blood type is V negative

Interviewer: how do you know?

Ethan: just goshing wanna watch INSANE ZOMBIE PIRATES FROM HELL 2?

Interviewer: uhh ok i though that movie was rated 1 star

Ethan heavily sighs

Ethan: you know what forget it (mind: why did i have to speak english and waste my breath, oh yeah its a English Wiki MOTHER RUSSSSSSIA)

Ethan turns into a super sayan and punches the interviewer with wheatly and space core

MTT: well good night people and remeber to buy MTT BRAND

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