someone knocks on the door

Ethan: come in

Azul: thanks, oh Ethan Toriel wanted me to give you this

Azul passes Ethan a white shirt and a blue Lab coat

Ethan: thanks I will put them on right now

3 mintues later

Ethan this looks pretty nice oh you need to stop drinking pepsi Azul

Azul: why?

Ethan: 80% of humans trash the underground *idea come with me

Ethan and Azul leave the house

Showcard: * looks at the remote then the TV * Sh-t * turns it on *

the meant to be funny sitcom!

Bone: > Eating Popcorn, the mask is half open. <

girl:hey what what is the day of day? Farther: you mean the day of the day day day

*audience laugh

Bone: > Eating Popcorn, the mask is half open. <

Showcard: * looks at Bone confused * What kinda humour is this!?

Bone: > Gets a sign that says: " Kids humour. " <

Showcard: ...It's bad!

Bone: > Turned the sign that says: " How is it bad?- Hm?" <

Showcard: Why can't they have actually FUNNY things!? MAKES NO GOD-DA- ey?

Breaking News

*drama alert music plays

MTT: hello Drama alert nation i am your host M-TT and lets get roight into the news

Bone: > Turned the sign "Keemstar.." <

Showcard: * blows a party-cracker * yaaaaaaaay...

Bone: > Puts the popcorn at the floor "Alrighty..." <

MTT: we heard that there was a fight between Ink and error in the Acid Factory

Bone: INK AND ERROR?! > Throw popcorn at the TV <

Showcard: * checks his pocket-watch * Those two again

MTT: so AU 4-555 your in luck and check out the place

MTT: MTT out

*sitcom turns back on again

Showcard: Oi! Bone! We in AU 4-555?

Bone: > Gets a phone. "Yep." <

Showcard: Well... in our right minds, we're lucky! LET'S CHECK IT OUT!

Bone: > SCREECH. <


Ethan: so Azul let me get you into something instead of pepsi

Ethan: Hentai!

Azul: What is hentai?

Ethan is shocked

Ethan: Hentai is an animation of comic of P--N in japnese

Azul: Um alright? > Drinks Pepsi <

Castellar: * smokes by a wall nearby looking at Ethan confused * Okie-dokie

so lets go to the library and find some good comics

Azul: Um.. okay..

Back to Showcard and bone

> Bone was crawling like a dog. <

Showcard: * sees Castellar * HEY! BUDDY! HOW YA DOIN'!/

Castellar: * spins his hat * Showcard, you're comin' back here at risk, but, y'know, anythin' for an old pal

Bone: > Pokes showcard and get a sign that says: "Who is he?" <

Showcard: * smokes * He's a friend of mine, he kicked me out for cheatin' at cards, I 'ad an ace in me blazer pocket

Showcard: Anyway * looks back at Castellar * Why do ya want me 'ere?

Bone: oh.. okay...

Castellar: Mate, I 'ave the keys to this place, we getta see what crap is inside this factory

Bone: ok.

*Castellar unlocks the door and opens it

*bone and showcard go in the factory

Showcard: * he sees the creature * What is that thing?

Bone: * This looks beautiful....

A tenticle grabs bone and castellar and throws them in a locked door

Showcard: Oh yeah, ignoring the creepy, edgy guy in the distance, we acknowledge the SURROUNDINGS!

Castellar: * he sees the tentacles * THE F---! SHOWCARD, HELP!

*the creature appears

Showcard: * his eyes fade color, he chuckles and looks at the creature * What are you?

Bone: > Gets the sign that says: "WHAT THE F-" She dropped the sign as the Tentacle took 'er

Showcard: * as attempting to slice the creature, he falls to the ground being knocked-out *

*The creature knocks showcard out

*the creature throws showcard outside the factory door


*Azul has the brotherly feeling of her sister has been hurt

Azul: I feel weird..

*Azul runs to the shed to grab a shovel and follows the pain

Ethan: were are you going?

Azul: I'm going to find my Sister..

Ethan: i see i will come with you

Azul: Alright..

*Azul finds the factory

*and uses the shovel to unlock the door

Azul: ...???.

*The creatures turns back and sees three people outside the door


Creature: ♐︎□︎□︎●︎⬧︎ (fools)

*Showcard wakes up

Showcard: * shakes his head * God, what 'appened?

Ethan: i don't know

*Azul runs towards the creature and chops of its head clean

Azul: That was.... easy...

Azul: 0.0'..

Creature 2:⬧︎♒︎□︎◆︎●︎♎︎ ⬥︎♏︎ ⧫︎♏︎●︎●︎ ⧫︎♒︎♏︎❍︎ □︎◆︎❒︎ ■︎♋︎❍︎♏︎ (should we tell them our name)

Creature 1:⬥︎♏︎❒︎♏︎ ✌︎♍︎♓︎♎︎ ⬧︎♋︎■︎⬧︎ □︎◆︎❒︎ ◻︎◆︎❒︎◻︎□︎⬧︎♏︎ ♓︎⬧︎ ◆︎■︎&︎■︎□︎⬥︎■︎ ⬧︎□︎ ⬥︎♏︎❒︎♏︎ ♑︎□︎■︎■︎♋︎ ❒︎◆︎●︎♏︎ ⧫︎♒︎♏︎ ⬥︎□︎❒︎●︎♎︎ ♋︎■︎♎︎ ⬥︎♏︎❒︎♏︎ ⬧︎⧫︎♋︎❒︎⧫︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ♒︎♏︎❒︎♏︎ (were Acid sans our purpose is unknown so were gonna rule the world and where starting this place)

Azul: Why your.. why both gonna rule the world?

Acid sans 1 wipes Azul off the bridge but Azul holds on

Showcard:don't mess with my friends or i will f-ck you up

Azul: Thanks Showcard

*Acid sans clone wipes him off the edge but falls next to the huge bucket of acid

*Acid sans clone wipes Showcard off the edge but falls next to the huge bucket of acid

*Ethan charges in and attacks Acid sans 2

Azul: 030..

Aicd sans 2 traps his right arm with one his tentacles and burns it badly

Ethan: aaah my arm -feels a sudden fire in soul-

*Toriel possess Ethan


*Ethans burnt arm becomes a skeleton and lights up

*Ethan one punches the other Acid sans

Azul: Ethan, are you okay?!- ?..

Azul: Flipping Acid... CAN ANYONE SAVE ME?

*The real Acid sans turns into a blob and disppears

*Ethan opens the door and lets Bone and castellar free

*Bone helps Azul up

Azul: Agh, thank you > All covered in Acid < Bone: your welcome..

*Castllar helps Showcard up

Showcard: thank god

*Ethan becomes unpossed

Ethan: uuuh what happneed

Ethan: bone what happened?

Bone: .. > Shrugs <

*Castllar calls a scincetist

Castellar: i am calling a scientist to see what the hell that creature was

Azul: Okay..


Castllar: can we speak to Sans please?

Royaltytale Alphy's: ok i will tell him were you are and he will do the rest bye

35 minutes later

Royaltytale!Sans: sorry i was late i was fixing a camera in the error dimension

Showcard: * winks at Royaltytale!Sans * Sure thing, Bill Nye!

Royaltytale!Sans: the science GUY!

Showcard: * finger guns RT!Sans * Yup, you guessed it! Now, why ya 'ere?

Royaltytale!Sans: I am here because i heard a Monster suddenly appeared. well you can leave i will give you something in a couple of weeks

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