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  • I live in 01000010 00110101 00111100 00111101 00110000 01001111 00100000 00111111 00110101 01001001 00110101 01000000 00110000
  • My occupation is унатас удрол ясьтяничдоп
  • I am Male i think
  • MTT AU maker

    Undertale Art book

    August 18, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    These are ym drawings of Undertale enjoy

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  • MTT AU maker


    August 13, 2017 by MTT AU maker
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  • MTT AU maker

    Image test

    August 9, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    some off my imiages don't work so i will post them here and gettheir code

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  • MTT AU maker

    Learning how to fly

    August 7, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    Showcard, Bone and Ethan walk to Grillbys

    Showcard: Ethan did someone copyright your look

    Ethan nods his head

    Showcard: Heh

    Ethan: Showcard how did you get those tasty cupcakes and not BURN down the house

    Showcard: well i called Createsans over and we baked them


    Showcard finds them and clicks add to cart really fast

    Back to reality

    Bone: > Flipped the sign "Alright.."

    the gift flies away

    Showcard: well sh-t, f-ck *whispers i wasted $6.00 for it to fly away

    Bone: > Flips the sign "Oh wow..." <

    Showcard: i should off put more balloons on it

    Bone: > Flips the sign ", what now?"

    Ethan: we can go to her birthday or we could just lay down in the snow thinking what if we could fly like those cupcakes

    Bone: > Flips the sign. "Let's la…

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  • MTT AU maker

    The video

    August 1, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    Bone grabs a sign saying

    Showcard: * looks at Bone * Whad ya want, sexy?

    bone flips the sign bone grabs a camera out of her pocket

    Showcard: * smokes * Sure, I 'ave nothin' else to do

    Bone and showcard walk into the kitchen bone places the camera on the counter

    Showcard: * checks his pocket-watch * Um... so yeah, what we gon' do?

    Bone writes on the sign

    Showcard: * smokes and looks annoyed * YOU SENT ME 'ERE FOR F---ING COOKIN'!?

    Bone flips the sign

    Showcard: * sighs very loudly * Whatever, so, what we makin'?

    Bone shout: CAKE

    Bone and showcard hear internal screaming

    Showcard: Well, okie-dokie, we're doin' chocola' or vanil- the frick is that?

    Ethans bone hand rolls near the door

    Ethan:MY ARM


    Showcard: * looks shocked * Um... E…

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