Luxrayblast koritsu 2017 ref by luxrayblast-dba3q8o
I have a somewhat cool idea for an Undertale AU. It's Called Alternate Universe Tale or AUTale. Here's all the Characters from different AUs I thought of while still in their roles, using each AU once, including Error Sans:

Reapertale Frisk- Reapertale

Outerblook- Outertale

Original Toriel

Fell Papyrus- Underfell

Error Sans- Errortale

Inkdyne- Inktale

Dancetale Alphys- Dancetale

Fresh MTT- Underfresh

Chess!Chara- Chesstale

Dreamtale Asgore- Dreamtale

I know Error Sans isn't actually the Judge Role, per say, but, he's out to stop all glitches and Anomalies, so Judge Role. He's also somewhat similar to UnderFell Sans.

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