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    March 4, 2018 by LuxrayBlast

    I apologize for all inactivity here, I can't continue my AU's story. However, it is fully laid out. ^^

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    Reason for absence

    December 16, 2017 by LuxrayBlast

    Sorry for being inactive here for a while. I've been wondering how to continue Luxraytale's story, but, I can't seem to get my motivation back. I don't when the next parts of both routes will release, but, please understand that it's not over, but, the cast is complete. I know there are missing characters like Bratty and Catty, but, I have a cast I'm happy with, so nothing will change. As for the Challenge mode story, there won't be one. I just wanted to be creative with alternate characters in the Challenge mode, similar to how Undertale has different monsters if Frisk's name is entered as the fallen child's name.

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    May 27, 2017 by LuxrayBlast
    I have a somewhat cool idea for an Undertale AU. It's Called Alternate Universe Tale or AUTale. Here's all the Characters from different AUs I thought of while still in their roles, using each AU once, including Error Sans:

    Reapertale Frisk- Reapertale

    Outerblook- Outertale

    Original Toriel

    Fell Papyrus- Underfell

    Error Sans- Errortale

    Inkdyne- Inktale

    Dancetale Alphys- Dancetale

    Fresh MTT- Underfresh

    Chess!Chara- Chesstale

    Dreamtale Asgore- Dreamtale

    I know Error Sans isn't actually the Judge Role, per say, but, he's out to stop all glitches and Anomalies, so Judge Role. He's also somewhat similar to UnderFell Sans.

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    Alright, here you are 1WikiConstructionTemmie1, link to my wiki: I'm having trouble with the Message wall. I'm not blocked from using it, but, I can't post on the Message wall with my kindle.

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    Emile: -Slays the last Pokemon before Ailey- No….. Level 3?! This can’t be…


    Ailey: Why do you look like you’ve seen a Ghost?


    Emile: I’m sorry, Ms Ailey! -Attacks her-

    Ailey: You really hate me, don't you? Now, I know who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you, but, them. No... I will not let any more lives be taken. Nor, will I let another child leave. You foolish Pokemon, You leave no choice! I, Queen Ailey Munitalp the Espeon, will not let you continue your killing spree. All Pokemon deserve MERCY!!!!! You're too weak to survive out there, but, you can't flee this FIGHT. I gave you the chance to do so.

    Emiliano: -FIGHTing until Ailey is dead-

    Ailey: -reached 0 HP- heh. D- doomie… be safe please.

    Snowdin Path

    William: you’re ab…

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