As Createsans and Ink walked by a series of pages, he got distracted by one of the articles. It caught his eye as it had an image of its own. Seeing a picture that wasn't one of either Error or Chara was instantly worth of note. He began to think differently after looking at the image for a second, it wasn't exactly the best quality and honestly he couldn't tell what the picture was of.

"Ink..." It was his companions voice again.

"Yeah, yeah I'll catch u-" He stopped mid word. Createsans had turned around and was crouched, ready to run in case she needed to. Between him and her, a creature had spawned.

It had a head, a neck and shoulders. It definitely had those but nothing else seemed defined. Its torso was both fat and thin and it was simultaneously tall and short. The jointless limbs tapered to a point and had no hands nor feet. Written across its chest was a number, these creatures had no name. Its featureless face was mere grey skin, which was both taut and wrinkled. It seemed to have multiple layers of face all of which were slightly transparent. This was the Fandom User.

Createsans carefully put her finger to her mouth, trying to tell Ink to be quiet.

"Stay calm." It was his companion, her voice was deliberately soothing and comforting.

"They don't have eyes or ears. They can't hear or see but they feel the movement in the air. Stay still and they will leave." The creature ran its 'arm' across a page. It was feeling for the indentation in the paper caused by the writing, some were better at the reading than others. It turned and began to walk towards Ink.

"Hold your breath." His companion whispered to him.

Ink did as he was told, staying as still as he could, he watched the Fandom User walk by. Once it had gone past him, Ink breathed a sigh of relief. The User turned sharply, it had felt his sigh. The creature began to speak. Ink backed away from it, he couldn't understand what the being was saying. While the individual words made sense, when combined into a sentence they lost all meaning. Createsans sprinted towards them, slapping the spector with paint across its 'face'. It hissed like a cat and fled from the room.

"Are you Ok Ink!?" She was clearly panicked. "I shouldn't have let you get so far away from me."

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. It just surprised me is all..."

END of part 6

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Part 7

Author's note: if you are wondering where part 5 is, it's going to about the Dummy which is a currently unfilled role. I have to wait for someone to claim it and give a design. I think I captured Fandom Users pretty well, what about you XD?

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