Ink shuddered. This place felt so different to every other AU he had been in before. He was used to the dark, sure, but the constantly moving images on the walls were starting to wear a little thin. The pages here were different, he no longer saw Errors lining the walls. These had other stamps at the bottom of them, 'Articles in need of translation', 'Articles requiring images' and 'works in progress' to name a few. The Charas were replaced with Mettaton EXs and Undynes and long strings of dialogue. The sound was also strange here, individual pages gave out music as he walked by. If mutiple pages were playing the same track, they were never in sync, resulting in an unpleasant cacophony. Ink chose to focus on the only constant sound, his own footsteps and the comforting dripping from his brush onto the pages beneath. This allowed him to ignore the articles for a moment and think more clearly on where he was.

He hadn't seen CreateSans in a while and was feeling a little lost. He now understood why they had been so protective of him. He looked at his scarf. They weren't monsters here. They had a different name but he couldn't remember what it was. His hastily scribbled note on the scarf gave him the answer. 'Users'. They had been attacking him. It had been a while since he had seen a world so hostile, it was like he had wronged them just by being there. They would always glance behind him like they were looking at his shadow before deciding to attack. Ink looked at his own shadow. He studied it for a moment, hoping to see something that would cause their aggression. He found no answer. Leaving this place wasn't going to be easy and the thought of going on this expedition scared him. He shut his eyes tight. Again, the dripping from his paintbrush calmed him.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed something. The layout of this place was like the Ruins which would mean he would soon see 'Napstablook', whoever they are in this strange world. As he entered the room that the ghost is usually encountered in, he saw a woman knelt in the middle of a pile of paper. Here the corridor narrowed between Ink and the exit meaning this woman and her paper blocked the path.

If it weren't for her blueish, purpleish, greyish skin, he would have thought her human. Her hair was long and a dark grey. She was wearing a blue dress with a heart on the front left of the skirt. The heart constantly changed colour and sometimes shape. Some were the souls of beings he recognised, others made no sense to him. She was staring at a page, rearranging the writting on it, editing it, changing it. Ink waited a moment for her to notice him. He would have left her to her work if she wasn't knelt in the way. He cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Yes?" Her voice calm and her accent British.
"Uh... Hi I'm-" Offering his hand
"I know who you are Ink." Interrupting him.
"Everyone knows you who are. You are one of the Fortunate... Not like these AUs." She at no point looked up at Ink.
"Who are you?"
"It doesn't matter."

She finished her edit and stamped a category onto the bottom of the page. She looked up from the sheet on the floor to reach for one on the wall. He saw her eyes.  Her red iris unnerved him. He didn't know what it was but there was something so different about these eyes compared to Cre's, even though both were red. She pulled the page from the wall and began to read through it.

"I think it does!"
"I never asked for your opinion."
"Well that's just ru-"

She slammed the page suddenly with the palm of her hand, silencing Ink with the violence of the motion. Everything was still for a moment, there was no sound. Her body was charged with energy, gravity seemed to weaken around her. The energy dispersed and gravity returned. Her hair settled around her face and shoulders. She lifted her hand from the page, beneath it 'Candidate for deletion" was burnt into the page. A wave spread across the sheet from the burn, the images of Chara and Error that Ink had grown accustomed to appeared on the sheet. With the images, sound began to return. It started with a high pitched whine that built into static until the sound returned entirely. A countdown to deletion was added to the sheet. She let go of the paper, allowing the page to fly past Ink and back towards the room he had fallen in.

"What the... Why did you do that?!"
"...The page was of no value."
"And you decide what has value?! Who gave you the right?"
"Technically the-"
"I mean why do you think you can just delete other people's creations?" Rage built in Ink. "And you don't even care!"

She stood up, staring at him with curiosity. Her eyes glanced to the pages behind Ink and widened a little. He noticed, another person staring at his shadow. He panicked and swung at her with his brush. The bristles left a red streak across her face and sprayed paint across the surrounding pages. She calmly wiped the paint of her face with her left forearm. Ink gripped his brush tightly, he wasn't the best fighter but his brush had done no damage at all. He shook a little.

The woman gestured upwards with her right hand, the pages beneath Ink moved suddenly. They raised from under his feet then tipped backwards, causing Ink to fall. More pages raised behind him, slowing his descent. He rolled down the pages until reaching the door. She clicked her fingers and the pages returned to their places. Ink got to his feet, unharmed but embarrassed, raising his brush. There was only one way to get past her, and that was to run so fast that the moving pages wouldn't keep up with him. He rushed towards her. Realising that Ink wasn't going to be stopped by the previous tactic, she raised her palm to the height of his head. That sensation from earilier returned, her dress reacted to the energy in her palm. He slid to a halt, "Candidates for deletion" was written backwards in bright red across her palm. Had he not stopped, it would have been burnt onto his forehead.

"Drop it."
Ink gripped tighter to his brush, she stepped forward. "D r o p  i t ."
He dropped his brush, it bristles splattered on pages, spilling paint and ink on some of the sheets. She lowered her hand and caused the pages beneath the brush to raise it to her.

"As much as a pre-emptive strike may have worked on someone else, it was not the smartest choice in this case." She cleaned the paint from all of the effected pages. The woman returned the brush to Ink.

"Be more careful in future." Then she walked away from the him.

"Wait! Who are you?"

She looked at him over her shoulder. She turned away again.

"...LunaDeaminac..." As she walked away.

End of part9 Part 9-2

Author's note:

I intend for every Admin to have a different way of adding the 'Candidate for Deletion' category. Mine is burning.

As I'm in Napstablook's role, I thought it made sense that Ink wouldn't be able to do any damage to me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments and I will answer.

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