LunaDeaminac left the lesser pages, shifting into her wolf form as she leapt from the ruins of incomplete articles into the following area. She ran across the ash covered sheets of the Average pages 1, leaving a series of paw prints in the cinder. She drifted around the corner in the middle of the town and sprinting towards the River Hyperlink. She skidded to a halt just before falling into the ink.

“Tra la la. The wolf is all a fluster.” Called a voice from just upstream.

“Max041, we have a problem.” Standing on the river bank. Ash settled onto her fur and scarf as the boat sailed up to the bank.

“What kind of problem?” The lyrical nature of his voice dropped out, the use of his name told him that she was not in the mood for levity. The Wolf stepped onto the ship, causing it to rock a little with the weight of the beast. She lay on the back of the boat, her head resting on the surface and her ears folded back. Max sat down as he moved the boat onwards. The boat stopped between the two Average Pages, in an area of privacy for them to talk.

“Ink is in the Lesser pages and vandalising the articles.”

“Ink…? You mean a roleplay account?” He tilted his robed head quizzically.

“No… The character…” She looked over the edge of the boat, staring at her reflection in the ink.

“…How!?” The cloak moved suddenly with Max’s gesture, though it gave no more view of the being under the shroud.

“I don’t know. I don’t…” She looked around, suddenly nervous of someone hearing them.

“41 6e 64 20 68 65 20 69 73 6e 27 74 20 74 68 65 20 72 65 61 6c 20 49 6e 6b 2e 2e 2e 20 49 74 27 73 20 61 20 6e 6f 6e 2d 63 61 6e 6f 6e 2e” She spoke in code.

“49 66 20 68 65 27 73 20 61 20 6e 6f 6e 2d 63 61 6e 6f 6e 2c 20 77 68 79 20 64 6f 6e 27 74 20 79 6f 75 20 6a 75 73 74 20 6b 69 6c 6c 20 68 69 6d 3f 20 59 6f 75 27 72 65 20 74 68 65 20 6e 6f 6e 2d 63 61 6e 6f 6e 20 72 65 6d 6f 76 65 72 2c 20 74 68 61 74 27 73 20 77 68 61 74 20 79 6f 75 20 64 6f 2e” He responded.

“48 65 27 73 20 61 20 72 65 73 65 74 74 65 72 2e 20 49 74 20 77 6f 75 6c 64 20 6e 65 76 65 72 20 65 6e 64 2e 2e 2e 20 49 27 64 20 67 65 74 20 74 69 72 65 64 20 62 65 66 6f 72 65 20 73 6f 6d 65 6f 6e 65 20 6c 69 6b 65 20 68 69 6d 20 72 75 6e 73 20 6f 75 74 20 6f 66 20 69 6e 73 70 69 72 61 74 69 6f 6e 2c 20 65 73 70 65 63 69 61 6c 6c 79 20 69 6e 20 74 68 69 73 20 77 6f 72 6c 64 2e” Was her answer. She sat up.

“Well what are you going to d- The home page! He’ll be able to get to other wikis!” He stood up sharply.

“I know and if we can’t stop him then he’ll vandalise their pages too.”

“We can’t let him get to the Undertale wiki, that would be a disaster and if you’re right then we won’t be able to stop him… I can only think of one way to keep them safe.”

The silence that followed told them that they were thinking the same thing.

“It’s the only way.” They both concluded in unison.

Max turned around and set the boat in motion again. The Wolf leapt to the verge of the Greater pages as the ship pulled up to the edge of the Hyperlink. The sheets rose into the air as Luna stood on them, rising the pages up to the height of the Hallway of Three. She ran across the sky above the wiki, dragging articles up to make her path then allowing them to descend back into their proper place. She pounced onto the paper beside UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings, some of the ash caught in her fur shook free from the impact.

“I didn’t do it!” The king shouted, reacting to the sudden arrival. “…Oh, hey LunaDeaminac. What brings you here?” Trying to act casual after the panicked response.

“…We’ll discuss whatever you did that caused that reaction later, for now we have a bigger issue.” She started walking in the direction of The Home Page. WikiPerson followed her.

“What’s happening?”

“Ink’s in the Lesser Pages.”

“…Then move it.” Assuming she meant the article.

“No, the character is in the Lesser Pages and he is vandalising everything.” Leaping over the puppet of S.T left in the middle of the hall.

“Then what are you doing here? Block him!” Picking up the puppet before chasing after the Wolf.

“He’s not a User, Wik. You can’t block a character and he’s actually here so I don’t think we can delete him.” Shaking herself to remove the rest of the embers caught in her fur.

“I’ll alert Bone. If he gets to the Greater Pages, this could be messy.” Going to drop a message on their wall.

“We’ll forum it later, we need everyone to know about this but he could easily go beyond us.” As she rounded the corner to the Home Page.

“The portals! The other wikis! What are we going to do?”

“…Make a barrier.” She sat in front of the door to the home page.

“But that’ll trap all the Users here! No one will be able to get to the other wikis!” He gestured widely with his disbelief at the suggestion. His cloak flung from his shoulder and hit the Wolf in the face. “Sorry.”

“Would you rather Ink get onto the Undertale one?” She rubbed her muzzle with her paw. “I trust you remember what happened the last time one of us accidently vandalised one of the other wikis.”

Wikiperson look deflated, the memory weighed heavily on his mind.

“No one would need to know. As far as they would be aware, the barrier would be there because Ink is here. They'll never know it was us.” She watched the light from the glowing gateways pulse across the room.

“…There isn’t another way is there?” Staring at the same freedom.

“None that I can think of.” She looked up at Wikiperson. He nodded. She rose to her paws and drew energy into herself. Wikiperson summoned his spear and charged magic into his weapon. He placed the spear into the centre of the doorway then stepped away from it. Once in place, the king placed his hands together. With a sudden and violent motion, he threw his hands outwards. Purple strands extend from the spear, mimicking his gesture. The threads stabbed into the wall. With a second gesture, more strings spawned. Luna howled, allowing the fire-like energy she had built into herself to rise up the webbing. With the end of the cry, the barrier was locked in place. It looked like fractured crystal, tinted light blue but mostly transparent. The Bureaucrats gazed at the new blockade and the refraction of the portals on the far side, both exhausted and on the verge of collapsing. Wikiperson lent on the new wall. LunaDeaminac pressed her paw against the crystal.

“Wik… Where did those pages come from?” seeing a series of pages on the far side of the barricade.

“…I don’t know… But they look like us.”

End of Part 9-2

Part 9 Part 10

Authors note:

And we see what else is happening in the wiki directly after Ink meets the recluse. Wikiperson and Max will get descriptions when Ink meets them as there was a lot to cover in this part and it would make more sense during those parts when they happen.

The river is called 'Hyperlink' and is made of ink if that isn't clear.

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