Cre stared at Ink, judging him.

"Well if you're sure..." She turned away from him.

"But that could have gone so much worse." She sighed and grabbed Ink's scarf.

"From now on, you stay within..." She paused and looked at the scarf, twisting it in her hand.

"Scarf length of me." Giving up on working out how long it was.

Cre walked forward and gave the scarf a gentle tug.

"I'm not sure how I feel about this..." He followed her regardless. The following few rooms of puzzle explaination and guidence became steadily more and more annoying to both Ink and Createsans. The tether was too short for both parties to move freely. Eventually his currently invisble companion spoke up.

"Ink this is dumb. Just tell her this isn't working."

"She's just trying to protect me." He spoke to the empty air. Although he was defending Cre's actions there was clear frustration in his voice.

"You say something?" Cre turned to face him. Ink stared at Cre, looking like a child that had just been caught drawing on their own face with crayon in lieu of makeup. He grinned widely in an attempt to trick her into thinking he was acting normally. She snickered at him and turned away.

"You are a weird guy, you know that?" She went to walk on but was interrupted by a small bell ringing. Cre let go of Ink's scarf and ran her hand up her own sleeve. From her sleeve, she pulled an object. She groaned.

"Someone's left a message on my wall. I have to go deal with this." She looked back at Ink. "So uh... I have to leave you alone for a bit.

"Ok." Trying to not make his relief obvious. Cre stared at him for a moment. She ran her hand up her other sleeve and handed another one of those objects to Ink. It looked like a small box with a keyboard on the back.

"This is a connection to my message wall. It's sorta like a little notice board on my page and this will let you be able to leave me little messages so you can tell me things... Don't leave this room until I come back."

"You got it." Giving her a dramatic thumbs up. She glared at him for a moment then turned on her heel.

"Alright, see ya later." She padded out of the room. She didn't seem to be in much of a hurry though. Ink stood and waited for a moment. His ghost-like companion became visible again. She stared at the doorway Cre had left through.

"You aren't going to stay in here are you?"

"Nope!" With a large grin on his face. He walked out of the room and directly into someone. Ink panicked and jumped backwards. It was Createsans. She was stood with her arms crossed and was tapping her foot.

"You are a terrible liar."

"You can't blame me for trying... Can ya?" He started confident and trailed off into nervousness. She sighed. "I guess not, but be careful ok. You can always run from a conflict."

Ink nodded. Createsans left, properly this time. Ink looked around the new space. The ghost appeared again. Infront of him was a pile of scrunched up paper and to the left of him was another doorway. Ink went through the door and saw a stack of papers on a pedestal. They were rolled tightly into small scroll which were tied with a small red ribbon. Underneath was a plaque. 'Monster Doodles, take one.' Ink reached up and took a single rolled sketch. He went to look at the drawing.

"No, save it. It'll give you some IC back later."

"Oh like the candy? That makes sense." He slipped it into his strap which held his paints and inks. He left the room. That pile of papers looked different somehow. A spark appeared above it, glowing brightly and constantly moving. Like a moth, Ink approached the spark and went to touch the glimmer. It was too far away from the edge of the pile for him to reach it. He stepped into the stack, kicking some of the sheets into the air. He watched the pages flutter around him. Ink lifted the sheets into the air more, throwing them up and watching them fall around him. He repeated this action and stepped backwards into the glimmer.

"Playing in the unfinished pages fills you with inspiration. Save the page?"

Ink looked at his ghostly friend. She sounded different. The echos seemed flattened, lacking the normal reverb. Her usually vivid eyes looked glassy and distant.

"Are you ok...?" Ink reached out to his friend. His hand passed through her.

"Save the page?"


"Page Saved."

End of Part 7

Part 1 Part 6

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