“So this first puzzle is done by floor panels just like in UT.” She skipped over to the set of panels on the floor.

Ink looked up, a door with the same pink rune marking blocked their advancement. He stood up again, letting his scarf fall from his shoulder in front of him.

“This is how you do this one.” She jumped on a button, making it click as she stood on it. With a hop, a skip and jump onto other panels, a satisfying clunk opened the door.

“You might want to draw the pattern.” Still stood on the last button.

Ink drew the button pattern and circled the buttons she stood on. Createsans moved on into the next room. Ink went to follow.

“You’re not even going to look at the puzzle?” The voice had an unusual echo to it. It felt unnatural, almost like it was autotuned.

Ink turned sharply to face the origin of the voice, he tripped on his scarf and fell.

“Graceful.” She said mockingly. “You fall over a lot huh?”

“Chara!” Ink pushed himself away from the ghost along the floor. He scuffed and moved pages while backing away. A page or two was ripped by his shoes.
“Close but no.”

It was true, this humanoid figure certainly looked like Chara but their dirty blond hair and blue eyes made it obvious that they weren’t the same. Admittedly their clothing was a little different too. They were wearing brown boots and shorts and the band across their top was blue instead of the yellow Chara had. They weren’t actually standing on the pages, instead they hovered slightly from the surface. Their body was translucent and the world behind them appeared slightly magnified and distorted.

“At least look at the puzzle, someone worked hard on it, you know.”

 “I suppose I cou…”

Createsans popped her head around the door. “You coming?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I’ll be right there.” Ink scratched the back of his skull with a goofy grin on his face.

Createsans looked at him sceptically. “You make a habit of talking to yourself then?”

“Talking to myse…” He looked around, there was no trace of the ghost.

Her ears twitched. “Come on, there are Fandom Users near here, we need to get you somewhere safer.”

“Fandom Users…?” He was confused by the term.

“These faceless freaky things that always think that they know better… That they are better than me.” There was a bitterness in her tone. 

“They’re wrong obviously. They just think they can get away with that stuff because you can’t recognise people who don’t have faces…” Brushing away her own thoughts with the casual dismissal.

“You’ll live a lot longer here if you realise that their opinions don’t matter. You need to keep believing in your art… Come on Ink, we don’t have time to wait.” She left the room again. Ink followed.

END of part 4.

Part3- The Caretaker

Part 1- The Opener

This Ok Cre? Let me know if you want me to change anything, same goes for you Cinder.

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