Ink stumbled backwards from the voice, he tripped over.

"Woah, careful. Are you O.k.?" The owner of the voice came out of the dark. They bent over to get a closer look at Ink. They were wearing a delta rune gown, similar to Toriel's only pink instead of the purple she wore. Just like Toriel, their eyes were the same dark red. They had a pair of cat ears on the top of their head instead of human ones. Other than that, they seemed human. Their shoulder length, ginger hair fell from their initially jovial face. Their expression changed to stunned.

"...Ink...? What... How...? What are you doing here?"

"...How do you know me?"

"Because you're you! You're amazing, I can't believe you're here!" They’re joyous state returned.

Ink smiled, being treated like a celebrity reminded him of why he created, he felt his desire paint return. Ink looked to the side, as much as the praise helped him in this situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. The person looked at Ink’s brush and saw something. They looked uncertain.

“Createsans.” Offering their hand.

“…Hi.” Shaking their hand. Createsans pulled Ink to his feet.

“That flower didn’t do anything did it?” They kept glancing at the floor next to Ink.

“No, no I’m Ok.”

Their ears twitched. They heard something Ink could not. “I can’t just leave him here.” Createsans whispered under their breath while staring at pages behind Ink. “Come with me.”

Createsans walked across the pages towards the door across from them. Ink followed. Once through the door, Ink was met by the towering wall of pages above him. They seemed to stretch up into infinity and the pair of staircases leading to a doorway twisted like a pair of  fighting snakes. Seeing this tower looming over head filled Ink with inspiration. He took out his brush and went to paint something.

“Uh Ink… Now isn’t really the time for that. I can hear other Users, we need to get you somewhere safe.”


“That’s what here, rather than monster.”

“Oh… Let me write that down.” He scribbled it onto his scarf. “I have the worst memory.”

Createsans began to scale the staircase. “Race ya!” Running up the steps.

“No fair, you got a head start!” Ink laughed and chased them. Createsans reached the top of the staircase significantly before Ink, even with the head start taken into account.

“Why are you so fast?” Ink panted.

“I’m the caretaker here, of course I go up and down these stairs a lot.” They weren’t even out of breath.

“Alrighty then, the Lesser Area is full o' puzzles. Ya have to get adjusted to seeing them.”

“Uh… they different to the other ones?”

“To Undertale? Yeah they are. Sorry, you’re going to have to learn these ones.”

END of part 3.

Createsans this Ok? Let me know if you want anything changed.

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Part1- The Opener

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