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Ink walked through the doorway, the bright glowing words hanging over his head were without obvious support. There wasn't a pillar, strings or even a wall behind it, just white words in an infinite black. The doorway itself was made of crumpled paper. Taking a closer look at them, Ink realised that each page was a different image, some of which were moving and others were playing distorted sounds. Some were songs, some were spoken word like voice acting of scripts. They were deleted images and videos, scrunched up and glued together to make a door.

"Well... I guess it's good that they're recycling..."

The idea of these images that someone cared about and worked on being damaged and used in this manner annoyed Ink. He took a step away from the shaft of light he had fallen from, he kicked something. It rolled away from him, pressing the pages down as it rolled, leaving a streak of paint across them.

"My brush!"

He chased the brush, it rolled away from him until it slowly ran out of momentum on a page that refused to lie flat. Like the others here, it had the Candidate for deletion tag and the images of Chara and Error. He picked up his brush and placed it on his back. The page twitched. Ink stepped back sharply. The page raised up from the legion of other sheets and began to fold itself. Another page, one that looked very different to the others began to fold aswell. This other page had a long purple banner across the top. Ink didn't get time to read most of the text on the banner but caught the box with the word 'BLOCKED' written on it. The first page became a cherry blossom, the other a stem. Error and Chara's faces stare up at Ink from the back of the flower. Error's image continued to move. The stem forced itself into the folds on the back of the flower and lifted the flower up to face Ink. A pair of eyes and a mouth were drawn on the surface of the folds.

"Howdy! I'm Deletey. Deletey the Deleted page!" Said the folded sheet.

"Uh... Hi?" Responded Ink nervously.

"What's an important guy like you doing in pages like this? Golly, you must be so confused." Deletey smiled at Ink as he spoke.

"Yeah a little." Ink was gaurded, he didn't know what kind of flower this was going to be. It could be friendly, it wasn't unheard of afterall.

"Let me explain how things work around here, you see that brush?" Gesturing to the brush on Ink's back with the leaf in the stem.

"But this is my brush... I..." He looked at the brush again and realised that it wasn't the brush he had brought with him. It looked similar but different some how.

"That's your SKILL, the very culmination of your potential as a creator. It starts off weak but it can grow stronger with lots of TALENT." The page tilted its head to the side, ignoring Ink's comments.

"I guess that makes sense..." As Ink lowers his gaurd.

"Here we share TALENT with little comments of 'constructive critism' that help you grow as a writer. Get as many as you can!" The flower spawned text boxes above them. The boxes slowy approached Ink. They hit against him and the words were far from constructive. The comments were insulting, twisted and bitter, they were discouraging to say the least. Ink felt his desire to create decrease, incentive seemed to be this world's HP.

The flower laughed. "You idiot! Why would anyone give YOU any help? Taking your SKILL would make me unstoppable!" Another textbox approached Ink.

"IN THIS WORLD... IT'S SPAM OR BE SPAMMED!" The flower laughed maniacally.

A flood of paint washed away the folded flower resulting in a high pitch yelp. The comment was also covered in paint, blanking out the hurtful words. A voice called out to Ink from the dark.

"What a horrible thing, torturing a cute little skeleton. Come! I shall guide you through the Lesser Area."

End of part 2


CreateSans does want to write their interaction with Ink so... I'm going to do that at some point. It may be a little difficult for me because I'm not 100% on writing other people's personalities, especially when I'm not clear on how they would react to most things.

By the way,

SKILL replaces the SOUL, and appears as Ink's brush.

Incentive to create replaces HP (as stated)

TALENT replaces LOVE and stands for:

Tarnish, Abuse, Lie, Enrage, and Noxiously Taunt

and Determination is replaced with Inspiration

And this is the fold I'm using to Deletey but it can change mid run if we want, he'd just fold differently.

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