Ink walked back to where he assumed Createsans’s home would be. Rather than the leafless tree, a long line of towering statues stood before him. They were made of stone and all were painted. Ink walked up to one of the statues, a female skeleton with hearts for eye lights, he barely came halfway up her shin. The bronze plaque beneath the statue said her name was Mae. Each pair of statues were supporting an arch that held the ceiling up. Ink stared at these, the scale alone filled him with awe.

“You found your way here then?” It was Cre. “You don’t seem hurt either. I’m glad.”

“Oh Createsans! Are these yours?” Wanting to know more about the characters.

“Yeah, these are my OCs. Cool, right?” wrapping her arm around Ink’s shoulder and hurrying him forward.

“Where are we going?” A little suspicious of her actions. Cre clearly tried to think of an excuse.

“Um… My house so we can be away from the Fandom Users.” She grinned. “They creep me out.”

“Oh alright then.” They went inside of Createsans’s home. It looked very similar to Toriel’s but was orange in colour. Cre walked him past the save point, not allowing him a chance to save. The inside was the same in layout but the floors were covered in cloth. It wasn’t a carpet, it was too easy to remove for that but it seemed to cover the entire surface. The floor beneath it felt like wooden planks. The walls also had some strange cloth covering it but only reached his hip rather than covering the entire wall. The upper half of the walls had framed pictures that were both drawn by Cre and people she knew in her past.

“Make yourself at home, I have some stuff to do.” She went off to the left. Ink looked around, his brush dripping cyan paint on to the cloth that covered the floor. As he studied the art on the walls, he sat down on the floor and drew on his scarf. Ink sat there for what felt like hours, painting and sketching onto his own clothing. He was interrupted by the door between the Lesser Pages and the next area opening. He heard the footsteps from the door getting louder with the owner’s approach. It was LunaDeaminac, and she was wearing a satchel.

“Ink.” She greeted him as she walked by, nodding at his ghostly companion to similarly acknowledge her presence. “Createsans, I have your paint thinner.” Deliberately speaking louder so Cre would hear her.

She and Ink entered Cre's living room. It was a studio of sorts and seemed to work mostly in clay. She seemed to be making a small clay doll, likely a draft of a character that would be later be made into one of the statues Ink had seen outside. The fireplace was replaced with a kiln. The book shelf was a storage area for tools and paint, along with a jar of badges.

“Ah perfect, bring it here. How much do I owe?” She went to take the jar off the shelf.

“Don’t worry about it.” Removing bottles from the satchel and placing them onto the table beside the doll. “I have other deliveries to make.”

“Oh… ok.” Pushing the jar further onto the shelf. “See you later Lulu.”

“How many times do I have to tell yo-”

“Not to call you that? All of the times, I’ll never stop.” Interrupting Luna. Luna left without responding.

“Huh… Normally she says something when I do that…” Cre shrugged. “You need something Ink?”

“…How do I get out of here?”

“Huh? Why would you want to leave? This land is filled with creativity, you’ll be happy here.” Trying to convince him.

“But I’m Ink! I have a job to do, places to see, people to meet, universes to protect. I can’t stay here.” Hoping that Createsans would understand. She didn’t.

“I have somewhere to go.” She ran from the room, going to the door between the 2 areas.

“Wait! Createsans!” He chased her. Cre came to a stop before the gateway. Ink came to a stop in front of her. “Please Cre, let me go!”

“You don’t understand! Everyone will hate you for what you do! Even if you don’t mean to do it, they will hate you and everything you make! They will say things, spiteful, hateful things that will make you want to give up forever!” She cried out to Ink.

“I can handle it!”

“Him, Wikiperson, he’ll delete you…” There was pain in her voice.

“I’ll be fine Cre! I’m not afraid of him.” More trying to convince himself than Createsans.

“Prove it! Prove you are strong enough to survive!” Her words hung in the air, everything else went quiet. A song began to play.

  • Createsans stands in your way.

“Just turn back Ink! You’ll be safe here.” Summoning a vortex of paint, surrounding Ink.

“I don’t want to fight you Cre, just step aside.” Clutching tightly to the toy hammer.

“I won’t let you leave! You won’t survive out there!” The vortex grew wilder and more chaotic, paint splattered onto Ink and his scarf. It covered his drawings, vandalising them. His IC decreased. “You aren’t strong enough!”

“You can’t keep me here Createsans! I have go to other universes it’s my entire reason for being!” Ink protested.

“She won’t listen to you Ink. I suggest going back upstairs, waiting until she goes to sleep and then sneak out.” His ghostly friend suggested.

“I am surrounded by paint, how do you expect me to run?” pointing out the basic flaw. “Maybe if I’m really annoying, she’ll let me leave.”

“…How do you plan on bein-”

“By interrupting her!” He hit the squeaky hammer with his own hand, causing it to produce a high-pitched squeak. “with a hammer!”

The paint vortex changed. What had previously been a single solid loop now split into multiple rings, there was a small gap between them that was open every so often.

“Ink, just li-” As she spoke, Ink dived through the gap paint. He hit Createsans with the hammer.

“OW! Why did you do that?” She was clearly angry already. The squeak was especially painful to Createsans, her cat like ears more sensitive than most.

“Let me leave.”

“I kno-(Squeak) Just li-(Squeak). Please In-(Squeak). STOP IT. I know what’s best for you!”

“NO, YOU DON’T! You don’t know anything! You don’t know me! SHUT UP AND LET ME PASS!” Striking her with all his might.

“Ink stop!” The spectre screamed.

Everything went still.

Cre’s IC hit 0.

Ink dropped the hammer. Cre gasped for breath. She collapsed to her knees.

“I… I was wrong. You don’t need protecting…” She fell forward, scattering into 1s and 0s before she hit the floor. The numbers hit his legs before dissipating.

“Oh God… What have I done?”

End of part 11

Part 10 Part 12

Authors note: Ink just murdered Createsans. That's a thing that just happened.

I have decided which members of the main cast will live and die already but minor cast is a whole different story. With the exception of the Ruined Minor, who will all survive, I may just toss a coin on the day I write the part to decide who lives. Even I don't know who'll die! (maniacal laughter)

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