"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Ink screamed, more out of frustration than fear. He landed on his face.

"And you're three for three on falling through those holes." The spector said as she slowly descended to Ink's landing site. Ink sat up from the paint splatter on the sheet he fell on.

"If you aren't going to say something helpful, don't talk to me." Glaring at his associate bitterly. She giggled at him. Ink scowled, clearly exasperated the entire situation.

"I have a bad memory ok!? It's really hard to do this kind of puzzle when you suck at memorising things." He sat in the middle of the differently coloured pages, marking out the correct path he needed to follow. Light shone through every hole he had made with his missteps. With every mistake, this room became brighter and reminded Ink of his failures. He pulled his legs into his chest and hugged them, staring at the floor.

"Hey, hey it's ok." She knelt down infront of Ink. "I can remember the way, I'll show you."

Ink glanced up at her, then back down to the pages. He lent his head on his knees. They sat there for a moment to think.

"...Why didn't you talk just now? You gave me advice with everyone but Luna..."

The ghost sat back a little. "Because she can hear me too. I don't really get it but, for some reason she and the River Person... They know when I'm there and they can both be pretty scary if you push them too far. I guess most people who are usually calm are like that, the moment they snap is sudden and violent..." She stood up, encouraging Ink to get up with her. Ink stayed on the paper for a moment before rising to his feet. They went back upstairs for the next attempt at walking through the maze. The skeleton walked through the pile of scrapped papers, kicking them into the air as he walked. The spirit guided him through the path, delibratly side stepping the very last step. This was just to check if Ink was paying attention. He wasn't.

"AAAARRRRRRGGGG!!!!" He again landed on his face.

"I would have thought you would be better at falling by now." Mocking Ink's horrible landing. Ink rolled over.

"You are a terrible person!" He shouted up at her while pointing at her face. She started to snigger.

"Stop laughing at me!" Beginning to smirk. She giggled.

"Stop it!" Breaking into a grin. He slammed his fists into the floor next to him in a petulant manner.

"It's not funny!" He tried to not laugh as his friend broke into hysterical laughter. She lost her balance and fell into the hole Ink had made. The paper didn't move as she landed. Ink corpsed, falling back on the pages as he laughed. "How did you even fall? You can float?"

She sat up. "I can only float when I think about it... Can you move the paper here?"

Ink shuffled the scraps around until he found a purple ribbon. He lifted this item out of the papers.

"The Lavender ribbon, it's scented. You should keep hold of it, it'll help you calm down." She seemed sad, like this ribbon reminded her of an old friend. Ink sniffed the strip of silk, it smelt like the flower and it's smooth surface felt nice against his face. He rubbed it on his cheek, wiping the paint off his face by accident. Ink wrapped the silk around his hand and got up. The handle of his brush was now cyan. The two continued on until they reached a room that had a view of the rest of the lesser pages.

This entire space continued was far larger than either had imagined. In the distance, they could see Alphasaith hive and the creatures buzzing around that area. The pages of the other Users they had encountered in this area was also in this unreachable space. Each page set had built itself into a set of individual structure. There was a gathering place with a unmanned stall. Fandom Users drifted through this gathering place, droping badges onto the stall surface and taking items from them in exchange. It seemed to be based on a honour system though the Users were so robotic in their movement that it was almost systematic, like they didn't have a choice in their action. Ink stepped towards the railing, his foot squeaked.

"Hey, it's my old toy!" His companion said enthusiastically. Ink picked up the squeaky toy hammer, and the paint dripping from his brush was now cyan too. The main body was bright green and the head was a vivid pink. He went to hit his friend with the hammer but it passed through her. He looked disappointed.

End of Part 10


Part 11

According to google, 'corpsing' is a British term, it means to break character by laughing (as the character dies on stage).

The toy hammer belonged to Cinder back when she was alive and the Lavender Ribbon was owned by Wiki Temmie.

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