1WikiConstructionTemmie1 dropped onto the desk in front of Max041’s monitoring system that kept track of the Wiki Activity. Unusually for Max, the desk was covered in paper, causing Construct to slip off the desk and fall gracelessly to the floor with an embarrassing thump. A small pile of papers and research notes fell from the desk along with the temmie and scattered across the floor. The chair usually the near the monitoring desk had been pushed against the wall behind them.

“Ow… Glad I was wearing my helmet.” He looked up at desk he had fallen from. Max was knelt beside it, arms folded on the top which he used to hide his face. The only light in the room came for the oversized monitor. Construct placed his paw on Max’s side.

“You Ok buddy?”

“I messed up C.” His voice muffled by the desk and labcoat.


The wall behind them unfolded to create a hole through which LunaDeaminac entered. She pushed Max’s chair over to the desk so Construct could get back onto the desk. He jumped onto the chair, which span with his weight, attempting to leap from the seat to the desk resulted him slapping against the back so he clomped over the top instead of making it across. Luna placed her hand on Max’s shoulder. He looked at the hand then up at her.
“What are you doing here?”

“You called me.” Looking up at the screen rather than at him.

“I don’t remember calling you...” He looked at the research notes on his desk.

“I called you, right?” Looking at the hardhatted temmie. Construct nodded. Max shook his head.

“Whatever, you’d have found out anyway considering you spend so much time Behind The Scenes…” He got up and pushed a button on the desk that changed the camera feed. The shock of the being that appeared on the screen caused WCT to fall off the back of the chair and Luna to step back.

“What is that!” He refused to look back at the screen.

“You r-remember all those old comments… Those Users that… Went inactive? I guess somethings just aren’t meant to have INSPIRATION…” He was leaning heavily on the desk, not daring to look up. Luna’s focus remained fixed on creature on the screen. It was white and made of letters. Each body part was a different word. Only those connected to strong emotions remained, the other words simply melted away under the INSPIRATION. Even those who did have the emotional weight to hold together didn’t remain unscathed. They were strung together by their molten serifs. Some letters were so distorted they were near impossible to read. It moved in an almost robotic manner, seeming to click into certain pre-set positions, making the organic form of the creature to be even more unnerving. This one seemed to be lizard-like with a head made of ‘guilt’. It dawned on her what was happening as the reptile opened its mouth. It had found the camera.

“PAThetIC. yOu Ran awAY FRom YoUR MisTAKes. WhY dON’t YoU jUSt KeEp RUnniNG?”

“They’re all like this, they just won’t stop.”

Construct braved looking over the back of the chair again.

“LoOK aT Me! lOoK AT WhAT YOu MAdE, yOU MOnsTeR.”

“What have I done?”

“Max?” Construct attempted to distract him from the beast on the screen, it didn’t work.

“I shouldn’t have tried to break those rules. I shouldn’t have done what I did…” Clearly the words of these beings had done damage to him. Luna checked his IC, he was hanging on by a thread. She turned away from monitor and unfolded the pages that made up the floor.

“Where are you going?” The temmie was confused.

“Luna…?” Max finally tore himself away from the desk.

“I’m going to solve this problem. I advise turning off that screen.” She disappeared into the floor.

“What’s she gonna do?” Dropping off the back of the chair.

“I dunno… I’m not sure I want to find out.”

Both looked back at the screen.

Author's note:

I decided to do this instead of part 13, deal with it. For an idea of how the amalgamates would look in this universe, look up the monsters from Typoman, particularly FEAR. There will probably be more Backstory pages but yeah, I chose to do why there are no amalgamates in the AU first. (shrugs)

If anyone is wondering why 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 is even in this scene, I honestly don't know. Inspiration does that to me occasionally though it's probably due to Max041 having him on his Alphys page. Basically I had an idea for a fake screen shot of this screen and Construct was in it. (shrugs again)

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